July 21, 2012

Fair 'N Square

A humdrum of questions intrigued my inquisitive yet sometimes mediocre mind. Is it really fair? We’re talking here of every imaginable aspect of human condition. Is being fair, up to one’s mind? Is it just a psycho-motor skill that fools around with conditioning? Is the essence of being fair, same as the color of being equal? I was succumbed to the premise that it is just trickery formed by mind. That whatever we console our mind there exists, we are left with the same question. The perfect performance of our senses would openly say the neither fairness nor equality is present. Being fair and equal is just a state of mind and a crafty produce of the brain.

These ideas have evolved around our existence growing rapidly. Rooting from our culture, our system and our mores, modern society try resolve this with treachery, rebellion and civil unrests. Simply, it is the want of every man that makes him unfair. Greed for more is what keeps us jailed away from being fair and equal.

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