August 11, 2012

Happy life

In making our lives simple and worth living seems to be quite complicated nowadays. As I listen to the mighty raindrops falling on the roof, I was able draw some points on this subject. Randomly, here are some tips on how to make your life simple and worth living- the wheelchaired bursts version.

1. Don’t overcomplicate things. Remember, just like presenting foods, less is more. Too complex would only mean trapping yourself in a maze. It will be harder for you get out on a tight situation if you plan is too complex.

2. Learn how to see things in positive manner. Seeing things on lighter perspective, no matter how heavy it is adds a more chance handling well in the disposition of certain issues in life.

3. Be two steps ahead. Able to foresee what would happen and knowing early the consequences gets you way advantageous to those who cuddle difficulties.

4. Always have a plan. Accept the reality that there are failures and bumps along the way. It’s best to be ready for it.

5. Appreciate it. God gave us the life we have right now. Kindly return the favor by appreciating everything that is happening around us.


Mama's boy...

Proving my mom’s worth, I’ve made this letter for her few months back.

I’m actually not in the right and sensible position to say these things, much further, do this for various complicated reasons that only I discreetly know.  I may have caused my mother her recent sufferings, heartaches, tears and wrinkles; I also brought her a small amount of joy, to say the least.

Undoubtedly, I always feel like a child in front of her. Feeling the burden of being the only son notwithstanding of having and bearing my father’s name is like a shadow that pressurizes me constantly.  But having her beside unclogs these issues in mind.  The mere footsteps of her, reassures me that everything will be alright. Her presence takes all away my fears.  She maybe too over-protective at times but she is always in command.  Not many would bother to know that she is really a fighter, a true survivor and a real pillar amongst the tides of life.  Spare her the everyday glitches which may be caused by the natural ‘senior moments’ or age factor, but it is already given that she’s always on her tip-top shape and state of mind.

Just like any mother, she is a great source of inspiration and strength for she breathes of overcoming tight and hard circumstances of this travel ours by sacrificing herself and teaching humility and unselfishness towards the simple rewards of life.

As the song would say, ‘’I wish that I could turn back the clock’’ so that I can live my life the way it’s supposed to be.  And what better way to do it again but with the soothing, calming and guiding hands of my dear mother. To your unselfish dedication, NANAY!, I love you!

Home care

This is a portion worth reading for those concerned:

“Two-thirds of people who have had a stroke will need some type of support at home over a period of time. This could be practical support such as help with washing or dressing or psychological support such as motivational techniques, anxiety management. Much of the support will not be provided by health care professionals but will be provided by a mixture of family, carers, charities, local authorities and dedicated organizations.

For practical help such as getting up in the morning, assisting with meal times, and helping with getting dressed, most patients will be assessed by statutory services such as social care and will be recommended for what was known as ‘home care’. Long-term psychological support for both the patient and the carer is sometimes harder to secure and this is often what people will ask for when the routine rehabilitation has ceased.” (Occupational Therapy and Stroke Second Edition Edited by Judi Edmans.)


The provision of a wheelchair for a patient following a stroke can be considered for two main reasons – for correct positioning during early management and for indoor/outdoor mobility during the rehabilitation stage.

“The type of wheelchair appropriate for a stroke patient could include attendant propelled manual wheelchairs and indoor- or outdoor-powered wheelchairs.

Attendant-propelled manual wheelchairs can be used to achieve better positioning and to improve sitting balance on the ward, which is not always possible with armchairs or high seat chairs. A pressure care cushion should always be provided with the wheelchair and monitored throughout the day by nursing staff and therapists. Access to attendant-propelled wheelchairs adjusted for specific patients can also enable patients to be taken off the ward by their visitors for often much-needed stimulation. Ideally, a wheelchair should also be available for the patient to use for outdoor and/or indoor mobility on weekend leaves and on discharge. In some settings patients are discouraged from trying
to propel themselves with their feet, and self-propelling manual wheelchairs are often avoided altogether. It is thought that the patient’s muscle tone will increase when using the unaffected arm and leg in this way. It is best to discuss the approach.

Indoor-powered wheelchairs could be considered for patients with severe physical disability and those with chronic heart and lung conditions. A patient’s cognition and visual perception should be fully assessed as part of the wheelchair assessment. The use of a powered wheelchair in hospital can help increase motivation and might be considered as an intervention option for spatial awareness problems and inattention.

A combined indoor/outdoor- and outdoor-powered wheelchair would require a full assessment by the hospital-based occupational therapist and specialised wheelchair therapist, carefully taking into consideration the patient’s vision, perception and cognition.

These wheelchairs can be issued to patients with severe, long-term mobility problems. When assessing any type of wheelchair on a long-term basis, the home environment and local area in which the patient will be living should always be taken into account. The access to the patient’s home, the type of accommodation, the width of all internal/external doorways, the layout of the furniture and other fixtures/fittings, the door thresholds and the floor coverings should be considered for suitability of a wheelchair.”  (Occupational Therapy and Stroke Second Edition Edited by Judi Edmans.)

August 10, 2012


With unquestionable beauty and that spark of elegance she entered the room. Her every movement seems to go together with that soft piano sound playing over at one side. The usual noise made by utensils and wine glasses soon followed. The luxurious setting was draped off with people’s voices either talking or laughing. She ignored them and was immediately guided by the personnel to a special corner to be seated. From where she was, she could as well feel the raw breeze of cool air as it hovers around the fairly lighted room.

Eagerly decided, she waived her hand to get the waiter’s attention. The latter acknowledged and approached her. ‘’Good evening ma’am. Can I have your order, please?

With a polite and lovely voice, she replied. “A serving of your specialty, the chocolate cake please...”

The order was written down and the waiter completed his mandatory preliminary serving by pouring the complimentary red wine unto the woman’s goblet.

She was elegantly and lightly thumping her fingers both on her wine glass and unto the table while waiting for her order when a loud noise emerged from nowhere. She guessed it right. It was the sound made by thunder. She saw those gathered dark clouds before she got inside the hotel restaurant. It was followed by another roar from the heavens but this time, it was coupled by a frightening flash of light. It was quick like the blink of an eye.

Then there was darkness. A cool burst of air passed into her unconscious state. Still trembling, she managed to look around. Everything was gone. “What is this?’’ she murmured. “What happened?” she tried to close her eyes once again but all she repeatedly saw was that sumptuous chocolate cake.

After some time, she was shrugged by reality and realized that it was only a dream. All that was left was the craving for a chocolate cake.  She wanted to go back to her unfinished dream but nothing happened.

Then it was later in the day when she realized that it was a different form of craving. She saw people, children in particular that require great amount of attention amidst the flood caused by strong rains. They personally craved for her help.

Setting aside her personal cravings and agendas, she wholeheartedly gave and shared assistance to those needy ones. She was at peace for her cravings stopped and resulted into doing something more worthy and humane.

She was not aware that what she selflessly did was much more delicious than a truck load of chocolate cake. It’s being for others before being in itself. An unselfish act by a worthy person.

By the way, she’s my soon to be 'aussie' lovely dear friend...OK TOL!

August 9, 2012


This endless pouring of rain brings out the reality in us. It gives the chance to be ourselves once again, we are blocked by images of fear, worries and surrender. We all succumb to faith. It is through our firm belief that this wrath will soon be over. Some sees it as a form of aggression where this event all happened because of us alone. Endless pointing of fingers, tons of blames and busy lines to concerned offices all happen at a time. And when the likes of these occurs, the line to God also gets clogged up.

And when it’s over, half of the ‘callers’ say thanks. Twisted minds say it for they see this as an opportunity. Nevertheless, let’s just ignore them and just say thank you for the life we still have in spite of the rain. 


A thing that could mellow my bothered and seemingly eager to jump mind is music. I honestly adapt to any kind of genre. I must have inherited the love for music from my grandpa who was a music teacher himself. 

It’s a form of therapy for me for I sometimes forget that I’m ‘stroked’ by lashing a sudden line or two from a favorite song of mine. It’s relaxing for by listening to it brings back memories of those precious moments. Rewinding time becomes more of a movie with music.

The last song syndrome maybe caused by the memorable instance coupled with the particular music that goes with it and lingers. I bet that most of them placed a smile on our faces. It shows who we really are, what we want and what it is in us. 

What if there’s no music? I cannot imagine how life would be without it. Whatever type you’re listening right now, love it. Embrace your music.     

August 7, 2012

Why do worms breathe thru their skin?

It is quite obvious that the most amazing facts, interesting and odd ones originates and come from a simple, common, minute and tiny aspect.  Human nature, animals, creatures, things….anything and just about anything.  Even ideas that are products of the mind are not excused from this line of thought that we are trying to establish.  I myself could hardly imagine and think of anything grand or big, or something that it is as it is without thinking or having a thought of the smallest or tiniest part or fraction of it.  It is obviously agreeable that everything comes down to the idea of a single, small or minute in considering the whole or the entirety of it.  It is like narrowing down of certain things or aspects in order to admire the entirety of it as a whole.  It is in this notion that I would like to focus on worms.  Yes, you’re reading it my words with pure clarity, worms.  Is there anything factual or noteworthy on these creatures?  An interesting fact that can be derived from worms is that they breathe through their skin.  And it is also in this line of thought that we would try to explore the answer to this interesting fact about worms.  In this case, let us all try to pretend to be inside a science laboratory and these worms are our subjects under study.

Aside from that interesting fact about worms, what are the things that make them so unique?  Postings of questions like the former would further give way to our quest of knowing initially what a worm is and other information relating to it.

Relatively, a worm in the easier terminology and understanding would be a long, thin and small animal/creature that lives under or on the soil.  Its physical characteristic can be likened to a snake which possesses a long rounded body with no arms and legs.  The more complicated and academic description of what a worm is that small creature or animal that usually can be found in soils.  Worms eat small plants and animals.  These creatures also feed on decaying matters and are often regarded as one of the components that make a soil rich.  These worms and some of its species also happen to be considered as parasites as they inhabit plants and other animals and further cause diseases among them.  There are also types of worms that enter and lives inside our bodies by passing through our feet or hands.

Some of the interesting facts about worms are it do not possess any teeth but their mouths are usually functioned in eating decomposing plants and animals.  Aside from its mouth, the worms also do not posses noses or lungs, but like any other animal, the worm also needs to breathe in order to live.  They too enjoy the freedom of taking in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide.  The question how is quite an intriguing but an interesting fact about the worm.

Without the presence of lungs, noses and other breathing apparatuses, the worm actually breathes through its skin.  Figuratively, it is like having your nose or having hundreds of noses all over your body.  Now, let’s try dissecting a worm, an earthworm in particular.  Inside its body about a small length from its head is the worm’s organ called the clitellum.  Our science books and teachers would often tell us that this organ of the worm is responsible for the animal’s “slimy” characteristic.  This organ of the worm provides the needed moisture in the worm’s body in order for it to breathe.  Some experts say that this particular slime that the clitellum produces contains nitrogen which is very vital as growing nutrient of plants.  It is more important on a more practical sense that worms be moist enough in order to breathe.  That is also the main reason why vermicomposting (process of composting using worms) consist a method wherein the worms are being treated to some amount of water to absorb by using wet sponges.  In this manner, the worms that produces more slime or moist are the one’s who breathe more freely and their chances of survival is likewise high aside from the food that they consume.  Additionally, this slime enables the worm not just to breathe but also helps in its mobility as it keeps the surfaces of their paths wet and slippery.  It likewise prevents the surface to crumble by hardening the same for the worms to easily move into.

More importantly, the moisture around the worm’s body or skin enables oxygen to pass more freely inside it and go inside the worm’s system, specifically through the blood.  Carbon dioxide is then excreted outside the worm’s body by processing the oxygenated blood in its circulatory system which mainly consists of five hearts (yup, you read it right guys, five hearts) all in pumping action.  End result of this amazing fact about worms is Carbon dioxide excreted through its skin.  So obviously, if the worms’ skin dries out and loses moisture, it dies.

With the above explanation, we can derive that these tiny animals do really need a lot of water as to be that moist enough.  This is aside from the other factors in order to survive such as air, food and darkness.  With that provided, worm’s lifespan is made longer.  It is just important that their skins are well moisturized like that of our beauty queens and beauty icons.

With the proper moisture around its skin which makes the worms breathe easily, composting and other active uses of these tiny animals are easily achieved on a much considerable end.  The agriculture and other environmental people should know about this interesting fact about worms and the realities behind these.  This would surely enable them to further their field by understanding such minute but important information.

On a much larger scale, we are now realized the fact that it is through these small things that a great one is realized.  And that even these small things can also spell phenomenon or instigate an idea or a breakthrough.  Often regarded, these things also can be destructible in some sense so it is very important to be wary on everything, even on the tiniest thing.  And as most usually say: size really does matter.

A child's beg

My humble and ‘stroked’ conscience cannot help my beingness not to present this to you. It is a clear picture of innocence and selflessness. A friend of mine was kind enough to lend me her son’s beautiful letter to God. Simple as it may look, it exudes care and love for people. Not expecting much but look at the way he wrote ‘Thank you’.

It is much bigger than his small request. He may not know it but he exhibited his being thankful in times of distress. Humbleness and being grateful for everything are the child’s abilities that each one of us grown-ups should mirror. The way nature and other factors react today in the modern world, the last thing that we need is the attitude that of Miky’s.


Media Hubs

For “media”- enthusiasts who sometimes go halfway around the world and struggled endlessly to transforming their profiles to media elites in search of that “perfect” audio and video experience, their troubles are now over and done in the emergence of an ultimate innovation - the Media Hub.  By having these media wonders guarantees pure living room transformation comfort. 

As defined by, a Media Hub is a device that receives multimedia content streamed from a computer to a stereo or home theater system. Residing in the same cabinet as the A/V equipment, it plugs into the A/V inputs of the receiver and connects to the home network via wired or wireless Ethernet. Media hubs may be an optional component within the A/V receiver itself.

It’s an innovation that enables its users to easily gain access, manage and enjoy almost any media form (digital photos, music, TV and video, etc.) all in one set-top device.  And just like your on-line PC, it comes with an electronic program guide, a music information service and an automatic update service that upgrades the device as new services become available in the market.

So varied in use and in function, these new-age product are available worldwide and may already be installed at your favorite gadget.  Some of it according to, are known in the audio, video and computer world as "digital media receiver," "wireless media player," "music hub," "media adapter," "music server," "music hub," "streaming media player," "entertainment gateway," "entertainment router," "network music player," "network media player," "media extender," "Media Center Extender" and "network audio receiver."

To list a few in the market and its features are as follows:

One of the current releases of Mediagate in the digital media receiver realm is the Mediagate MG-350HD. ( The Mediagate MG-350HD Media streamer is a box that can sit between your PC and your home entertainment appliance. It enables complete streaming media from your PC to TV or whatever when you want it. And since portability, space and mobility are a thing of the past, this baby naturally comes with Wi-Fi, so your PC doesn’t have to be in the same room as your TV.

It comes complete with a variety of connectors for hooking up to TV s and Hi-Fis, including USB device/host ports, DVI out, S-Video out, digital coaxial out, component-video out, Ethernet, optical out for 5.1 audio, composite-video out, and stereo RCA audio outs (although HDMI is conspicuous by its absence). It also comes with a remote control, which apparently is quite useful for setting the whole thing up.

And just like any media streamer, it supports almost every media format available: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV9, and XviD for video; MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and WMA for audio; and JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG for photos.

Another brand of Media Hub as media receiver is the D-link wireless media receiver, DVD and card reader.  Being introduced as the latest addition to its multimedia family of products, the D-Link MediaLounge™ DSM-320RD Wireless Media Player with DVD and Card Reader connects your home entertainment center to an existing network, allowing you to wirelessly stream music, photos and videos from the PC to your television and stereo system.

Because the MediaLounge uses 802.11g wireless technology, it streams media content at a maximum wireless signal rate of up to 54Mbps1. This technology can also stream media content via Ethernet and can integrate seamlessly with existing wired or wireless network. The DSM-320RD is also equipped with a built-in 5-in-1 card reader that provides a convenient way to view and share digital photos, music, and videos stored on a memory card. The same supports popular memory cards, including SD, Memory Stick, MMC, and Compact Flash (Type I and II).

And if one seeks for the best way to acquire, access, share, and play rich and up-to-date media on your mobile device, Nomad has the answer in its Nomad Media Hub (NMH). Satisfaction of all your needs for rich entertainment and information content is ensured. The NMH empowers you to create, share, and personalize your own mobile media channels. Since NMH is multimedia-enabled, it allows multiple channel subscription, customization, playback and support for rich mobile contents such as podcasts, videocasts, image, and text feeds.

NMH also lets you acquire, monitor, and program your favourite online content and 'Hubcast it' directly to your mobile companion, thus keeping you informed and entertained anywhere you go and no matter where you are. Distinctively, NMH includes customizable 'My NOMAD channel manager' and an entire pre-packaged 'Interest Channel Line-up' available on a fully customizable subscription mode.

Described and featured above are some of the numerous uses and types of Media Hubs available for use, further enhancement, mobility and comfort of our lives.  Much so, upgrades and current versions of are accessible either through the internet or provided by the manufacturer depending upon the developed functionality.

Various types of Media Hubs and Media Centers have steadily made a breakthrough on our media system by making our lives easier.  And like the invasion of Zworykin and Farnsworth’s modern television, these new technological leaps will forever stay for the generations to come.


The above interrogative sentence would easily illicit a number of unquantifiable responses, that even a child could muster.  In this rapid way of living, a single day without having to experience it is an incomplete day to almost all of us.  And with our matured and ever developing technology, it has become a standard way of living.

Long queuing, endlessly waiting on phone connection, traveling gruesome hours or simply marketing products or services for business - are some, if not all, our worries that the internet have resolved since its popular growth in the 1990s.  To date, 1.133 billion people are using the internet and has fast becoming a basic feature of global civilization.

Much so is tremendous impact that internet and the birth of User Interface (UI) have manifested.  They are now tremendously merged and have become a necessary feature in mobile phones.  Mobile Phones have developed a variety of process in creating simple to complicated UIs in internet service.  Mobile company experts are now faced with the burden of complexity and technology traffic when it comes to their mobile internet features as they strive to, at least, simplify their UIs and revert to being more user-friendly.

As the menus and options to mobile internet have become increasingly complex and hard to comprehend, large companies of handsets continuously aim for their products’ usability by introducing extra phone features such as mobile TV service, dual or large screen size, increased resolution and more.  But the main aim and target is the narrowing these internet UIs by developing easy access to the internet and internet content.  News, sports stories or video clips are accessed by making a single push of the button on the mobile handset.

While the mobile phone today can easily give us instant access to the internet wirelessly, handset specialists and technology experts admit the fact that it cannot displace the power and usability that only a PC can offer.  Mobile phone users can only consume and capture content, e.g., using their cameras functionality or the Bluetooth technology.  It is, according to experts, still the PC that will remain the dominant platform for performing complex tasks such as searching and managing content.

It is mainly agreeable that what the internet and the mobile phones are trying to convey is comfort and simplicity in everything.  As most of us have the notion that through these “global” breakthroughs that almost everything is possible at our fingertips: entertainment, research and information, various relevant contents, may be left asking what else can it possibly not do?

In the business world, the emergence of the ever increasingly developing globalize trade, increase in foreign investment and cross-border and/or cross- country transactions have placed many small business under the predicament in finding ways to continue to market their products and services.  This occurrence especially is difficult given that these small businesses often operate on tight marketing budgets.

Drawn to the continuous conventional marketing strategies such as print (newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc.), radio and television, small businesses do not realize does not realize and in unaware of the advantages that the internet has to offer.  They are oftentimes misled in the notion that promoting or marketing their goods and services through the internet is very costly and that advertising through the conventional way is much cheaper.  In the end, they suffer by realizing that it’s the other way around.

But as the battle to reduce the marketing cost is up and the trend of business activities have dramatically shifted from the “tried-and-tested” to the convenient, innovative and cost-efficient age, these small business are reaping the benefits and advantages of internet marketing.  In adopting such strategy, it has proven that it can generate a high return of investment.

The result of having to enjoy internet marketing, obviously transforms the internet to be the most powerful selling tool.  This is because users or buyers, considers the internet to be the information superhighway for them as getting the most out of the service gives them a more hassle-free transactions.

This also would again, benefit even the small businesses who cannot afford the costly conventional way.  By marketing or advertising in the internet, saved costs could further be utilized for other business aspects such as product enhancements or increase in distribution.  This would also create and penetrate more market as with what the internet promises to investors and businessmen, a “global” way of marketing.

With the unlimited and growing features, enhancements through attachments are born.  The internet and the mobile industry has been working wonders as millions of opportunities (employment, business and technology advancement) are instantly created and opened.  Users are forced to intricate choices that the competition presents.  For example, a user has to face a barrage of features and brands simply just to enhance the speed of either a PC or a mobile phone.  Surprisingly, users are never bothered with this predicament as long as the functions and features are aimlessly geared in making lives easy and simple.  With this economic emergence, users are benefited since they purchase and enjoy better products and services in less cost.

It is quite interesting to note that the simplicity and comfort as the time and money being well spent and utilized are the reasons why the internet and mobile phones click and has been more of a necessity than a luxury.  


Waking up this morning in spite the luring cold weather, I was forced to write about the things I should be thankful of. God blessed me with life and 4 W’s. The will, want, wisdom and the wheel chair.

The first two are almost the same but not to someone like me. I can want but the manifestation is nothing if I lack the will. And what can will possibly do alone if not wanting?

Wisdom makes me alive. Mediocre type it may be, it keeps me conscious and sane at times. The right amount of wisdom keeps me in touch with everybody and pushes the right keys in me in order to keep me grounded on earth as well as with myself.

The wheelchair is considered as my foot that helps me go through the demanding tasks of a stroked life. My friend and my partner. I draw strength just looking at it. An added inspiration to those small things that I should be thankful for.


At times when unsure
There’s always an open door
Or you might think twice
To a thing unadvised
Although or maybe
Gray area don’t see

Risen complexities
Blurred or cannot see
And everything seems to squabble
Those easy and understandable
You feel so helpless
Judging under duress

A hand to pull you through
Battle them all together with you
Even if all have decided
Will stay by you undivided
Be with you whatever happens
Together with ‘till it ends

I’m at your side my friend
Maybe much but laws I will bend
Present through highs and lows
Acting as imaginary shadow
Imperfect but I try hard as can be
Wheelchaired man, a friend yours truly


The continuing rain haunts ourselves once again. The idea of flood keeps our hearts beating faster. As a wet day unfolds, I’m helplessly reminded of those unsheltered, unfed and unfortunate individuals all left in the rain. Rains may have brought them sickness, confusion and hidden tears.

 Then I gazed at my present predicament. These people and I face almost the same current dilemma in life. At a time I was glad to be fortunate enough not to go through their misery right now. I may have severely suffered from stroke and its consequences but it’s nothing compared to those who are suffering because of the rain right now. I’m much luckier in a way.

There is one wish that we both share the same with. Deep inside I know that it will emerge. That the rain will soon stop and give way to sunshine. Let’s all pray for that to happen in His time. 

August 6, 2012

Just because....

I’m to blame
For being so true
Because I love you

Accuse me everything
That I do
Because I love you

Miles apart
But I’ll come to
Because I love you

Just a hush
Even adieu
Because I love you

You are there
Washes all blues
Because I love you

Your smile
All things due
Because I love you

To see you
To hear or know you
Because I love you

Let my stroked heart be
For I’ll know you do
Because I love you

Ignore me please
Whether false or true
Because I love you

I’ll just keep it
Unexplainable and few
Because I love you

Go with the ordinary
Leave me into
Because I love you

I will just be overwhelmed
Knowing you too
Because I love you

Sorry, can’t help it
I must shout if I do
I apologize... just because... I love you

Health advisory - CANDIDA

So fast and so complicated is our world today that unnoticeable occurrences happen. In the world of science and all its generality comes a disease initially ignored but has sprouted into our awareness. Such is the case of the sweet sounding but pressing ‘’Candida’’.

Candidiasis virus

What is it? It is a type of yeast that causes infection (Candidiasis). It is more common to women as initial cause of it is vaginal infection. Also, Candida may cause mouth infections in people with reduced immune function, or in patients taking certain antibiotics. Candida can be found in virtually all normal people but causes problems in only a fraction. In recent years, however, several serious categories of candidiasis have become more common, due to overuse of antibiotics, the rise of AIDS, the increase in organ transplantations, and the use of invasive devices (catheters, artificial joints and valves)—all  of which increase a patient’s susceptibility to infection.  The problem occurs when something upsets the balance of bacteria in the body and this allows the yeast organism to proliferate and take over all the healthy microorganisms. 

It normally resides in the intestinal tract, mouth, throat and genitals, however it can burrow holes in the intestinal tract, enter the blood stream and then make it's way into any organ of the body. To make matters worse it emits over 70 different toxins into the body. Some people may even become allergic to the yeast itself. 

Moreover, it is triggered by the following factors: high-sugar diets and diabetes, food allergies and intolerances, smoking and pregnancy. Experts say that it is the excess yeast, Candida Albican, in our intestines that further destroys the immune system, which causes an allergic reaction. Its complexity in diagnosis was even battled controversial in the science field as early as its discovery in 1983. 

Candida is dreaded in many ways for its various symptoms such as abdominal gas and bloating, headaches, migraines, excessive fatigue, cravings for alcohol, to name few.

Morbidly, the damage Candida causes leaves us with is nothing but death if left unaware and ignorant of the way to treat it. We can combat it with the change of our lifestyle, lesser sugar intakes and a good diet. Just like stroke, Candida also heavily affects the brain and all the system that surrounds it. The intake of sugar is a pivotal factor. The control and/or elimination of sugar can lessen yeast infection, since sugar is nirvana for those yeasts. 

I’ve been able to search few tips and Candida diet regimen which will be of aide to everyone. Remember that these won’t be successful if we are just sitting and reading it. Your psychological humdrum must push you more to get on with it.

The first word in almost any type of diet is AVOID.  Avoid sugar.  Experts say that sugar promotes the growth of yeast. You must carefully watch your food intake. Consider factors such as health, activity level, and the extent of food sensitivities. 

But is it possible? Yes, but you have to choose the lesser evil. Take lesser organic sugar. The same still has its nutritional value intact compared to refined white sugar. Excessive intake of sugar and the disease probability it brings taken into consideration, be it organic or not, it would be better to avoid it.

If you think that alcohol is not on our Candida diet, read on. Alcoholic beverages are believed to encourage the growth of yeast. Sad to say that all forms of alcohol are meant to be eliminated such as red wine, , beer, whiskey, gin, white wine, scotch, vodka, rum, brandy and all liqueurs. 

Cheeses are also a part of the ordeal. Roquefort and other aged, moldy or blue cheeses are not allowed on a typical Candida diet. Also included are processed cheese such as cheese slices, Velveeta, Cheese Whiz, cream cheese, cheese snacks, and Kraft dinner.

To make things worse, the inclusion of processed, dried, smoked, and pickled meats. These foods include smoked salmon, pickled herring, sausages, bacon, hot dogs, pastrami, bologna, sandwich meats, salami, corned beef, pickled tongue, and kolbassa.

Avoid also packaged, processed, and refined foods. Canned, bottled, packaged, boxed, and other processed foods containing yeast, refined sugar, refined flour, chemicals, preservatives, or food coloring.

Usually, low-carbohydrate foods such as meat, chicken, turkey, shellfish, non-starchy vegetables, and certain nuts are provided. The total carbohydrate in the diet can gradually increase if symptoms of Candida lowers down. Initial provision is 60 grams of carbohydrates per day. 

With all these presented, does a Candida patient still, at least, have the luxury of eating? Arguably, almost everything was scraped off or prohibited. What else can a Candida patient eat? Luckily there are and there are some leeways on a Candida diet.

There are, of course, foods that can be eaten such as lean meat and fish, eggs, high in protein vegetables, and some fruits and nuts. Experts further say that the basic and most successful Candida diet should consist of nothing but low carbohydrate vegetables, eggs, and lean meat. A small amount of whole fruit, nuts and seeds may be acceptable as long as they don’t aggravate the symptoms.

Your Candida diet must include meats such as buffalo - is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken or turkey, chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, ostrich, pheasant, venison and fish. These exclude processed meats like lunch meat, spam, bacon, sausage etc.

Adding to the diet in the inclusion of Low Carb Vegetables namely, cabbage, kale, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchinis, cauliflower, green beans, spinach or any green leafy vegetable that is low in carbohydrates. Onions, garlic, green peppers and avocados are great for stabilizing blood sugar.

As stated above, there are ‘cheat days’. Rigorously following your Candida diet at start is quite a daunting task. Just like any diet, it requires determination and focus. I would lie if I say that the Candida diet doesn’t come with hurdles. It is quite life challenging with the fear of disease added and its mounting pressure. To have a diet as strict as the Candida diet requires full attention and discipline. Aside from the actual eating, controlling the shouting crave for that prohibited food requires an amount of effort that is willed. A Candida diet must come with a goal. It should be easier to achieve. Most people set their diet goals as if they are impossible.

Having the right mindset and enough will not just to follow the diet but moreso, fight the disease is your ultimate goal in this endeavour. Battling out the obstacles hindering the achievement of that goal is a real challenge.


Opening and being in a relationship is almost a breeze for us but breaking it up because of some confounding reasons of both mind and of heart, leaves us all weakened. An intensified and exaggerated scenario sometimes causes lives. Lives that are too wrecked, stressed and confused how to deal with this predicament. But how does one cope up after that dreadful breakup? The following are some ideas that could ease your burden.

Learning to accept the reality and your current situation is a big first step in trying to triumph over it. Carefully analyzing what were the factors that ruined your relationship brings you more to realization the loopholes where you need to give emphasis on in case another relationship arises.

Give yourself time. The chance to be in a solitary mode as much as you want releases the pain and enables you to see more explicitly what life has to offer. Open new channel of friendships and endeavours. Try anything new that could broaden your memory of the one broke your heart.

The breakup is a part of the past and neither each of us wants to reminisce it so bury those memories six feet below and avoid digging those again because the feeling of remorse will haunt you again. Reminders of it must be forgotten. Hard as it may seem for it includes common friends, events, places, circumstances that you once shared. Letting them drift away invokes comfort and peace of mind.

After giving yourself the needed time to heal and mend your impaired heart, maybe it’s that opportune moment to consider seeking for a new relationship. Opening your heart again will gauge you in handling a promising relationship. It allows you to modify or even ignore a factor in your relationship giving more leeway to a ‘give-and-take’ type. New relationship with a whole different expectation entirely frees your mind of the past recurring again. It further shows your adaptability, liberty and strength under emotional pressure.

More importantly, never give up by seeking guidance and enlightenment from God. Having a clear frame of mind knowing that God lets you battle the difficulties of coping up further enhances the needed spiritual foundation of openness and seeing a clear vision of problem at hand. Having God looking over your shoulders is the best weapon to combat those worries in life. Seeking the right path delivers you from self-destruction.

Just look at your demise into something positive. Everything happens for a purpose. Breakups happen. And it is through these events that we learn. Confronted by no one else but ourselves, we realize our weaknesses. Unless we do a dramatic change in our flaws, I reckon that breakups would just pile up your door and coping or overcoming it will just leave your heart overused and over exposed.

It is a gradual process. What’s in your mind should positively shout is change. After a breakup, try to change. Change not for others but for yourself. It may sound selfish but considered a coping mechanism that is very helpful. A total overhaul of your personality coupled with a sweet smile and a renewed perspective totals good results in the future.


conflicting LABELS

Honestly speaking, this is not meant shed light on a resoled matter but to explore ‘’labels’’ in the possibility of being under a friction or under pressure. A pressure that amounts in really going deeper into the present status of a relationship.

We can’t deny our own wants and needs. It is sometimes through them that conflicts arise. Whether labelled or not, taking the initiative to understand yourself and the other opens up a wider chance of knowing each other.

Labels would just limit both of you. It limits the response, the reaction and respect when jailed to its culturally-pressurizing call.

What’s wrong is it disables your heat to give what is necessary. To love and accept wharever it is that comes your way. Remember that the rain will soon stop.


Food attack

This is a by-product of my lengthy gastronomical discussions with the soon-to-be aussie chairman about the thing we’re similar fond Weird as these are, having a serving of each makes me want more.



Surstomming is fermented Baltic herring and can be found on supermarket shelves all over Sweden. The herring is caught in spring when it is just about to spawn and is fermented in barrels for one to two months before it is tinned where the fermentation continues for several months. The cans often bulge during shipping and storage because of the continued fermentation process. It has a strong odor likened to a fermented fish enough reason for having it banned on some airlines. It’s usually eaten with a type of flat crispy bread and boiled potatoes. Sometimes people drink milk with it, but beer and water are often used to guzzle it down.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak

This was featured in the Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman film, ‘’Bucket List’’. Kopi Luwak is the rarest, most expensive gourmet coffee in the world. It’s actually made from the excrements of an Indonesian cat-like creature called the Luwak.

The Luwak eats only the ripest coffee cherries but its stomach can’t digest beans inside them, so they come out whole. The coffee that results from this process is said to be like no other, and the stomach acids and enzymes that perform the fermentation of the beans give the coffee a special aroma.

This process takes place on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi in the Indonesian Archipelago. With an expensive price tag of anywhere between US$120 – $300 per pound, you might want to start saving now if you want to try this gourmet coffee.

Snake Wine

Snake Wine

Snake wine is a bottle of rice wine with a venomous snake inside and has ‘medicinal purposes’, but is probably more useful for display purposes than to drink.

The snake is left to steep in the rice wine for many months to let the poison dissolve in the wine. The ethanol makes the venom inactive so it is not dangerous, and snake wine supposedly has many health benefits. It has a slightly pink colour like a nice rose because of the snake blood in there.

It originated in Vietnam, where snakes are thought to possess medicinal qualities, but it has spread to other parts of South East Asia and Southern China. Snake blood wine on the other hand is made by slicing the belly of the snake to let the blood drain into the wine and this is served immediately.

Fried Brain sandwiches

Fried Brain sandwiches

Long before the era of Mad-Cow Disease, a sandwich made from fried calves' brain, thinly sliced on white bread was a common item on the menus in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The sandwich is still available in the Ohio River Valley, where the brains are now heavily battered and served on hamburger buns. In El Salvador and Mexico beef brains, lovingly called sesos in Spanish, are used in tacos and burritos. The brains have a mushy texture and very little flavor on their own so the addition of copious amounts of hot sauce definitely helps.



The practice of eating insects for food is called entomophagy and is fairly common in many parts of the world, with the exceptions of Europe and North America (though bugs are apparently a favorite with the television show "Fear Factor"). It is not uncommon to find vendors selling fried grasshoppers, crickets, scorpions, spiders and worms on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. Insects are high in protein and apparently consist of important fatty acids and vitamins. In fact flour from drying and grinding up mealworm can be and is often used to make chocolate chip cookies.

Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu

Found in the city of Sardinia in Italy, casu marzu is a cheese that is home to live insect larvae. These larvae are deliberately added to the cheese to promote a level of fermentation that is close to decomposition, at which point the cheese’s fats are broken down. The tiny, translucent worms can jump up to half a foot if disturbed, which explains why some people prefer to brush off the insects before enjoying a spoonful of the pungent cheese.



With sashimi and sushi readily available the world over, eating raw seafood is no longer considered a dining adventure. The Korean delicacy sannakji however, is something quite different, as the seafood isn't quite dead. Live baby octopus are sliced up and seasoned with sesame oil. The tentacles are still squirming when this dish is served and, if not chewed carefully, the tiny suction cups can stick to the mouth and throat. This is not a dish for the fainthearted.



Balut seems to be on every "strange food" list, usually at the top, and for good reason. Though no longer wriggling on the plate like the live octopus in Korea, the fertilized duck or chicken egg with a nearly-developed embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell is easily one of the strangest foods in the world. Balut is very common in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam and usually sold by street vendors. It is said balut tastes like egg and duck (or chicken), which is essentially what it is. It is surprising to many that a food that appears so bizarre—In the end, apparently everything does indeed, just taste like chicken.

So guys, another round?