July 21, 2012

Fair 'N Square

A humdrum of questions intrigued my inquisitive yet sometimes mediocre mind. Is it really fair? We’re talking here of every imaginable aspect of human condition. Is being fair, up to one’s mind? Is it just a psycho-motor skill that fools around with conditioning? Is the essence of being fair, same as the color of being equal? I was succumbed to the premise that it is just trickery formed by mind. That whatever we console our mind there exists, we are left with the same question. The perfect performance of our senses would openly say the neither fairness nor equality is present. Being fair and equal is just a state of mind and a crafty produce of the brain.

These ideas have evolved around our existence growing rapidly. Rooting from our culture, our system and our mores, modern society try resolve this with treachery, rebellion and civil unrests. Simply, it is the want of every man that makes him unfair. Greed for more is what keeps us jailed away from being fair and equal.

Love weather

It’s raining heavily on this side of the globe. Time again to be prompted of the vast riches the mighty heavens present. Effect of cool midst that dabs our skin shortly with a peek of shadow. Images that surround longing of the future, regrets in the past and the sudden realization of the present.

It further reminded me of a paramour of affection scattered on poems. Short poems on love, short poems about love and inspirational words of love are all contained in those enticing work of art. I’m honoured for letting me capture these inspirational words of love and present them to you. It would be selfish for me not to dwell in these short poems on love and short poems about love on this inviting occasion.

To lessen your longing predicament, among countless, here are some of those short poems on love and short poems about love that my friend weaved.


I left far away.
Why? I was suffering,
dying more each day.
My love, in fact you are.
I'm so sorry I did this.
You are the last one I saw.
You are my last kiss.
You are my only love.
A thousand miles apart.
But our love still so strong.
Please, I don't want to restart.
I love you.
Waiting for the next day,
the day I will kiss your lips...
Forever, engraved in my heart.
You. My love.


Sparkling, beautiful, a simple delight,
your presence brings life to the room.
Lets fly away together to our special world,
up past the galaxies and beyond the moon.

Where tears are no where to be found
and emptiness does not exist.
For every shooting star,
I'll fulfill your every wish.

Dancing with you by the light of the moon,
singing in perfect harmony together,
our hearts are joined as one,
I'll hold you close, now and forever.

I stare at you in adoration,
amazed by your sweet beauty,
your eyes sparkle with every blink,
you have completely captured me.

With every color of the rainbow
and every star that you can see,
it has formed this perfect picture,
the one of you and me.

July 20, 2012


Laws are made to act as guidelines for better living. It straightens out conflicts and answers questions. They are meant to show us light. But this word seems to be abused. Weird laws from around the world have grown like mushrooms. Sad to say that these weird laws, no matter how dumb or funny they are, we still have to abide by them. Here are some of those weird laws:

1.    In South Carolina it is legal to beat your wife on the court house steps on Sundays. – the one who made this might be a battered husband.

2.   In Tennessee, you are breaking the law if you drive while sleeping. – so don’t sleep while you drive. And use the GPS, please.

3.  In New York, the penalty for jumping off a building is: Death. – one of my favorite weird laws.

4. In France, it is against the law to sell an “E.T.” doll. They have a law forbidding the sale of dolls that do not have human faces. - is it applicable to avatars?

5. In Florida, it is illegal to fart in a public place after 6 P.M. on Thursdays. – save it.

6. In Samoa, it’s a crime to forget your own wife’s birthday. – better write it down.

7. In England, it is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the Queen upside down. – Queen up, please.

8. Portugal, it’s against the law to pee in the ocean. - look for a river.

9. In Victoria, Australia after mid day on Sunday, it’s illegal to wear pink hot pants. – it gets hotter.

10. In Iowa, after 5 minutes of kissing you’re breaking the law. = so make it quick.

No matter how weird they are, there is no other choice but to follow them. Weird laws by weird law makers.

Love expressed

This is a classic epitome of true love and its purest and simplest form. Love expressed much human, grounded, raw, virgin and most of all, absolute of selflessness. Manifestation of endless care overcomes its qualitativeness. It thus loses its value. True meaning lies on each deed or token of love both given and appreciated. True tests come in high waters as understanding and sacrifice are prioritized. With the exhibit of love so unconditional, simply knowing what you are and what is it is simply out of question. Forsake ill thoughts and do more loving. It brings peace within. My friend pompously dazzles me with pride, her unmatched and undying care for her man through this raw loved poem:

‘’Kung ipinaghahanda at ipagluto man kita ng almusal sa umaga,
Ito'y nang simulan mo ang araw na kayganda
Kung pulbusan man kita pagtapos mong maligo,
Ito'y upang ika'y maghapong presko at mabango
Painumin man kita ng vitamin C at malunggay,
Upang nang iyong katawan ay lumusog at tumibay.
Hainan man kita ng pagkain na walang humpay,
Ito'y upang masabi na kaysarap ang buhay.
Kasalanan ba ang sobra-sobrang pagaaruga syo,
Kung ako lamang ay nagmahal ng tutoo?’’

July 19, 2012


I’d like to acknowledge my dear friend and a co-conspirator of numerous semi-philosophical, close-to-mediocrity and bogus acts back in college. He was kind enough to lend me breathtaking views of his encounters with Mother Nature. He certainly has an eye for beauty as he sips his mouth-watering liquor on every mountain’s peak.








Changing one’s mode of preference in life in every aspect and holding your stand with it makes the true value of freedom a must for each one of us. Weather we go on to a shallow path or live cruising a path that looks easy, it’s our freedom to chose still emerges.

As long as you are happy and contended with it, there’s no reason to brag, curse or malign it. It’s definitely you and you alone which  makes or breaks your choice.


Methodically, the best attempt of answering or finding a possible solution to this question would be to dissect the question itself.  The “what” and “thing” phrases are co-related, which simplifies the possibility of exactly pointing out the correct answer to our question.  The pivotal phrase is the “smallest” for it connotes something that is of extreme in nature.  With that analyzed, it made the question easy to answer.

Queries and complex questions such that of the above have long been posted and asked by almost everyone.  The quest for its answer has been a war for individuals and institutions whose expertise are its study or for some reason, has relation to the nature of their work.  Infinite and various answers to the question above are so quickly discovered in a modern setting that is so fast-paced, ever growing and ever developing.  Every aspect of life has its own unique proposed solutions and answers to the problem posted.

But what really is the smallest thing?  The usual initial response of a typical man-on-the-street would be mainly based on what he perceives or what he has gathered thru his education or experience.  The typical answer probably would be the Atom.  The science world over the years, have extended all possible efforts in solving this question of what is the smallest thing, as well as the study of atoms.  The discipline have unearthed the ideas of atom as early as 6th century and developed the same alongside with the study of Chemistry. Through time, with the development and through the evolving process of branching out to various sciences’ disciplines, it is interesting to note that answers to the question can now be found through different means and various claims made through rigorous studies.  Not so distantly, it was perceived that the smallest thing is, according to a recent report of Time Magazine, is the Neutron.  The report tells that the neutron is considered as a thing or particle which comprises an atom. As a subatomic particle, the neutron, has been found out be lighter in weight than other atomic particle such as the proton.  Science experts also declared that the neutron has no electric charge.  Together with the proton, the number of neutron in an atomic nucleus, which together usually comprises an atom, determines the type of element that the atom forms.  

Moreover, because of the neutron’s undetectable charge, experts say that it is hard to find.  They further agreed that there can be no residues of electrically charged particles found on the neutron even after undergoing the process of passing through a gas.  Scientist also declared that neutrons have a high penetrating power for it moves solely without being repelled by atoms that are charged.  This nature of neutrons of being able to shoot through large distances makes it not only the smallest thing, but also ranks as one of the dangerous things as neutrons play an important part in nuclear reactions.  Activation of such of these “smallest thing” induces radioactivity.  Through “fissioning” (a process of breaking down neutrons with other particles into fragments) with the elements uranium and plutonium, the importance of the development of nuclear weapons and reactors is realized.

One way or the other, these things that are considered the smallest things, are also very useful in ordinary everyday lives.  With neutron radiation, functions of the X-rays are completely met since neutrons are also sensitive to magnetism; it can penetrate deep into a matter and has a wide range spectroscopic abilities.

Through the discussion above, it has presented that neutrons can be broken down or can undergo such scientific processes that fragmentizes the same.  This brings to the question in quest of a smaller or to the extent, even the smallest. The speculation on the possibility of knowing components that usually make up a neutron now comes into place.

As many branches of physics emerge in trying to find a possible end and solution to our question.  The follow-up question would be is there any such thing?  How small is it and are there any other theoretical questions underlying it? Currently, physicists have identified the presence of “Quarks”. According to experts, a matter particle has many types. And as every matter that we see is composed of protons and neutrons and it is the quark that comprises neutron.

Studies that we learned from school say that an atom has components: proton, neutron and the electron. Physicists say that there are six quarks and usually identifies them in pairs.  These quark pairs are the up, charm and bottom. It is also noted that there is a corresponding antiquark for each.  Unlike the proton and electron which has a charge of +1 and -1 respectively, quarks have a fractional electric charge identified as colored charge.  The first quark that was discovered was the top quark.  It was introduced in 1995 after 20 years of expert studies.

On how “small” is a quark is the next query.  Scientists and experts in the study have often stated that these quarks are so small that we cannot see them.  It is so small that scientists sometimes are uncertain the position and movement of these quarks.  The unit of measurement being used in the study of these is the “Planck Length”.  This unit of measurement is developed by Max Planck in measuring time and mass involved in complex physics equations.  This measurement unit was earlier established than quantum mechanics and general relativity.  In simplified common man’s term, a Planck Length is a decimal, followed by 32 zeros and a 1 in the end.  And not unless the experts show or demonstrate a considerable amount of substantial evidence or evidences on the certainty in the position and movements of these quarks, seeing these “smallest” things in the naked eye remains impossible.


Various theories have emerged in the quest of what really composes the earth.  A question that correlates to and is broken down as to what are these things that are so small that comprises the earth.  An example of a theory is the Super String Theory.  In its website, superstringtheory.com, it explicitly says that the Super String theory emanates from particles, which they call “strings”.  Additionally, these complex particles are invisible and that there are these “strings” are the ones that tie up the quarks.  It is believed that these strings form the fundamental building block of nature.  Said theory is a branch of theoretical physics.  It combines general relativity and quantum mechanics.  Modern day physicists call it the Theory of Everything since the same can give a structure in unifying the forces of nature.  Currently, the said theory is now feared of being left in the science history books as complexities, lack of evidences and interest on the part of the physicists have lessened which is totally the opposite when it was first introduced in 1984.

Physics has its own principle of establishing the smallest thing.  It is through Quantum Mechanics that the study of the smallest things in the universe is being undertaken.  This discipline under physics has various underlying principles that a common man should deeply comprehend first before fully understanding these processes, such as time and space.  To some, they argued that quantum physicists tend to measure the smallest and define the indefinable.

More importantly, it is also interesting to note that although the quest in finding out what the smallest thing is narrowing, the process in finding out the possible solutions does not cease.  As modern technology develops and advances, complex challenges are being formed in the minds of the experts and of the scientists.   In the aspect of Science alone, a simple question such as that of the topic enhances men’s ability to go beyond what is simply inside his mind, and pursue to answer the ideal question through a more logical explanation.

Some fields also have their own idea of what is the smallest thing.  A current example is the emergence of “Nanotechnology”.  According to sources, it is the “smallest big thing”.  It promises to further improve our daily lives.  With the help of expert scientists, atoms are used to create products by manipulating them, thus making the product a more “suitable” one to use.  Atoms in nanotechnology are molecularly manipulated so products come out much stronger and better than the old and usual one which is just processed thru the manipulation of raw materials.

Financial and business analysts tells that nanotechnology will be the next big business as some of the private sectors in the United States have started incorporating the said technology in its pharmaceutical, energy, cosmetics, electronic industries.  The US government, as early as 2004, have allocated a large amount of its budget for the development of nanotechnology.  But just like any new scientific method being introduced and developed, nanotechnology has its adverse effects.  There are some issues on the harsh effects of the processing of these nanotechnology atoms, as they may affect the health of those who are involved in the process of atom manipulation.  It also poses a threat of ever having to develop the technology to be used in weaponry.

As can be gleamed from the above explanations and discussions, the question of what is the smallest thing is still left unanswered even up to this very moment.  It is only up to man himself whether he commences, abruptly stop or simply be contented to what he has already done for mankind in trying to find an answer to the simple to complex questions such as what is really is the smallest thing? 

But then undoubtedly, as long as the rational man is alive and his brain is functioning rationally, the ideas, questions and answers are expected to come out.  No one would know that these products of the mind maybe the next breakthroughs or, to the extent, the end of all things, even to the smallest.  

July 18, 2012

on Cold Reading

Is Cold Reading Cool?

At a quick glance, the subject matter or the topic at hand is quite perplexing.  It is in a way questionable in the sense that there seems to be no such thing.  It’s a combination of two alienated words with no relation to one another.  Is it something in our mind that keeps us into believing that there exist no such thing and that these are all products of the mind?  Is it mere sign of ignorance, perhaps? As it is felt initially the drawing out of a conclusion to move away from the subject matter because of the lack of proper information or maybe the will to approach the unknown matter in order to have a good knowledge of it.  The outcome of such syllogisms and queries of the mind can be greatly affected on the intuitive mind as well as the hunger or thirst one has.  It is a mere word or a collection of random thoughts put into words to signify a certain meaning that is known only to the person who formulated it and a big question to those who do not. How does one feel if the lack of proper knowledge and instead ignorance is felt?  The main objective could and can be achieved once a fraction of the true idea is drawn from the one who made it as I can see your eyebrows are getting twitched already and so curled up already…..

What I did right there was a practice of my newly learned method called “cold reading”.  It is a certain method that one uses to draw out information from another person.  This method is extremely popular nowadays as it is often used by “psychics” and fortune tellers to draw information to “unconscious” number of people.  These unconscious ones can be anyone of us.  So famous that this technique has already reached its “commercialization” level as lots of people who claim to see the future or possibly talk to the dead are already gaining profits by exercising cold reading and putting it into some sort of business.

Considerably, cold reading is a way of interacting with another person and drawing out some information on the interaction with the notion or behavioral pattern being given or formed to make it believable that the reader really knows something or in such cases, know a lot about the other person that is being interacted.  In common terms, it is a “make-believe” pattern, method or technique often used by “mind-readers” to make their clients or victims believe that they are telling the truth or at least, know something about the client’s personality or any other aspect in his life.  Still unclear you, guys?

Let’s plunge into it and have a look and maybe offer some techniques that each one can practice.  This technique starts with the drawing out of the subject’s attention and full cooperation to the reader.  The reader will try to convince the subject that the success of the procedure will mainly depend on the subject’s full cooperation and the readiness to give the needed information.  The reader would usually analyze the subject and draw questions based on what the reader initially sees.  The reader draws out his initial batch of information through the subject’s appearance, body language, manner of speech, sexual orientation and such the like so it is important that the reader must pay attention to these minute details.

Since the reader’s aim is to draw convincing and true facts about the subject, the process requires the reader to formulate questions.  These questions are formed or constructed in a way that it is so general or vague in nature.  Formulating these questions are the very core tools that needs to be practiced in order to draw a near to the truth answer to the subject.

Proper technique and lots of practice is necessary in mastering this technique.  However, it must be noted that this rather “abused” technique is intended to be used for entertainment purposes only, as advised by some experts in psychology and those in the mentalist branch of the performing arts.

To date, there are various ways to learn and eventually master cold reading.  Experts on this field have devised a technique or two over the years.  These different approaches all point to the same agenda which is to draw valuable information from the subject by asking questions and making it so believable that the reader is a real mind reader or a “psychic” in nature where in fact, it is the subject himself that unconsciously gives the information.  It should be understood that the success of cold reading on a particular subject will highly depend on the reader’s questioning and keen sense to the signals and information that the subject gives.

Shotgunning.  One of the most famous techniques in cold reading is called “Shotgunning”.  This technique is so common in the practice of cold reading as the reader gives or throws an entirely general question to elicit bits and pieces of information (as if firing a shotgun, thus the name).  An example of a shotgun technique would be:  “I’m sensing someone here who has a long lost friend who desperately wants a visit or a call.”  It’s a general fact or a very obvious idea that all of us at least one time in our lives have old friends whom we really love to see after a while.  The technique may sure hit something about the subject or it may not touch any.  The thing is, the technique that was just thrown was very vague in nature the probability of soliciting a positive response from the subject is high.  One of the key aspects in getting a good response in cold reading is to be able for the subject to magnify the hits and forget the misses.  What’s basically important among the subjects are getting really to know if the reader knows a lot about the subject.  The shotgun technique is so vague that a reader hardly misses.  This technique is mostly applied and cold readers find it very effective in a large audience or a group of subjects.  Again, an example would be throwing a shotgun on an audience by telling them or asking them: “I see someone who is still grieving from a loss of a loved-one or someone dear that passed away a year or two ago.”  Trying or using this technique will surely hit than miss more than one person in your audience.

Rainbow ruse.  This cold reading method is often used by the reader to draw information by presenting both ends of a particular characteristic that the reader believes the subject possesses.  This method is quite tricky and would involve creativity on the part of the reader.  It is applied in order to draw out what kind of characteristic the subject has by presenting or formulating an essential guess by the reader.  Through this method, the subject is faced with the distinction of which character best describes him and those that which are the ones that are merely retained in the memory.  That alone would give a strong hit and would make the reader more believable when in fact; he is just making a guess.  The Rainbow ruse technique is used on a wide variety. One of its forms is the “appeal to flattery” where the subject is being rewarded with a pleasant characteristic drawn by the reader.  Example:  “Something is telling me that you are a very approachable person and a nice one although it is sometime in the past that you had to turn down an offer from a friend or from someone.”  This approach of the rainbow ruse method always gets a positive response because no subject would ever admit that he really is that unapproachable and thus flattered by the fact that the reader blatantly admires his being approachable.  Another method of drawing out a subject’s character is thru the use of Barnum Statements.  Derived from P.T. Barnum the showman, the reader draws out the information by throwing generalized character statements.  An example of this is:  “I strongly believe that you are a very much talented person that sometimes people don’t recognize it.”

The fact that cold reading does not only dwell on the generality of the reader’s guess, it is also on the manner that the reader construct statements that the subject is drawn more to provide not just the basic information but the details as well.  These bits of important information can be easily drawn by the reader by building or guessing facts that are specific and those that are vague.  Readers would also throw a lucky guess.  A fact drawn by using statistics and jargons as most fortune tellers or tarot card readers would normally do is also a good technique in cold reading.  These psychics can draw a nod out of the subject through the use of a seasonal touch.  An example of a seasonal touch method would be a reader telling the subject that “I see some disease on the skin coming and a few traveling in a few months.”  The reader could be very good in a sense but what he really tries to “see” is the truth based on the season.  Summertime would be nearly coming and would mean sunburns and skin rashes due to sun exposure and the same would entail some enjoyment at the beach which would surely require traveling.  Again, our cold reader hits the spot.  Information and events can also be drawn out through a momentary reminiscing of the past.  And what best way to remember than going back to your childhood days.  The cold reader can always form a statement like: “I see a struggle, a struggle in your personality during your adolescent life and you seem you have been imprisoned in that time in your life.”  More ways than not, a nod is on the way.  As if nobody experienced that event during that time!  The most effective method of extracting information on the subject that the cold readers usually practice is the “Incidental Question” technique.  This is the “chat-type” of technique where a deep sense of reply is required from the subject.  Questions are mostly crafted as a “trap” and force the subject to lay down the information needed by the reader.  A simple example would be: “I’m sensing a great amount of pressure during your past relationship as compared to now, what do you think?”

As stated above, fortune tellers often use cold reading to trick their avid fans.  They either go for certain predictions such as: “I see someone you know passing away in the near future.”  A cold reader would also throw a 50-50 prediction like: “I see a heart problem in the future so better take care of you health”.  It is most likely to happen in reality, isn’t it?  Psychics would often give a likely kind of prediction on a 40 year old man: “I sense that you will finally meet your future wife this year.”  Physical appearance and other attributes cannot escape a master reader in giving a “Sherlock Strategy” prediction.  An example of this is: “I sense that you’ll be having a lot of relationship related problems in the next few months.”  This statement is made on a good looking, mature and outgoing type of woman as a subject.

It must be taken notice that the subject’s ability to recall the hits the reader made during and after the cold reading session will greatly make or break the reader’s success.  The reader should always try to vaguely tackle all possible angles from the elicited information given by the subject.

From all those methods and techniques that were randomly described above, the possibility of learning the art cannot be that difficult.  Cold Reading, just like any craft, can be learned by almost anybody. And this word “anybody” really means everybody.  If you happen to be a “new kid on the block”, below are some quick tips on learning how to “cold read” the very easy level (just like in the games) way:

Tip # 1.  The Persona. – Since it is an accepted fact especially among mentalists that cold reading is just a form of entertainment, you being the cold reader or “psychic” should first practice of having or exuding the aura or persona of being one.  It does necessarily mean that you have to be too serious on everything as your prospective subjects may opt to look for an alternate reader upon seeing that look of seriousness in you.  Try to look as normal as everyone else.  One of the cold readers which best epitomizes our tip would be Derren Brown.  He dresses and speaks just like anyone.  This easy “personification” won’t be hard to learn as acting as natural as you can is already your nature and subconscious.  What if someone, a strange unknown person suddenly comes up to you and suddenly gives you a million bucks?  You’ll be surprised, isn’t it?  Ideas of greatness, humility or generosity and other good ones are immediately formed in your mind afterwards.  The thing is, a certain persona, a persona of one that has great powers is conditioned in your subject’s mind upon knowing that this “natural” reader actually has “psychic” powers!  Projecting simplicity and being natural like anyone else are the initial cold reading talents that you should develop.

Tip # 2. Open eyes. – For someone new who’s eager to learn and master the craft, being very keen to details that your subject gives is among the important factors a student reader should learn by heart.  The success of your “psychic” career will depend on how you are able to pick-up the signals and the bits of information that your subject has.  Remember that the subjects are unknown individuals and drawing or eliciting information is quite difficult that an “open eyes” should be always present.  A student reader should be wary of every detail (consciously or not) that the subject projects.  Seeing the subject crossing his arms or legs upon mentioning a certain subject matter would somewhat say that what’s being discussed is something private or something that the subject does not want to talk about.  Looking away or avoiding eye contact would imply that the subject is either lying or afraid to tell the truth.  What Psychologists’ say that actions do speak louder than words still do apply in this tip.  Being able to pick-up these minute but important details would also enable the reader to formulate his next move.

Tip # 3.  Throwing out the big ones. – As all these tips are vital for a student reader, mastering this particular tip involves a lot of work and wits.  In either eliciting or giving information, a sudden reader “must” always generalize or broaden up everything.  This tip is best recommended for cold reading on a group of subjects.  A subject or question that is so vague or generalized in nature will surely hit your subject one way or the other.  Being so vague in formalizing your “moves” is the best tip for a student reader’s psychic success.  Try throwing a vague question to a group of subject such as: “I see a person who has this great talent when it comes to formalizing new ideas but is afraid to show it for fear of rejection but if someone so close would tap it, then that talented person will definitely succeed in life.”  With eyes closed, 99% of your subjects will magically turn to talented ones!  The reader’s statement was so generalized that anyone in the group agrees of having it and accepting the “Oh, that was actually me!” notion.    

Anyone who’s alien to the art and wants to learn it must always be ready for failures.  Just like anything that one wants of perfecting unto: an art, method or technique, the athletes’ and the expert’s advice still resounds: “practice makes perfect”.  It is sometimes through failures that one really learns that’s why its very important to practice, practice and above all, practice.

And now, the downside part of it.  The fun and enjoyment that cold reading brings as well as its mastery was not as entertaining as one thought of as the craft was abused and mishandled by person who’s main purpose of using cold reading is for greed.  Sad to say, that many have already and are currently benefiting on it and using it in its unintended purpose.  Ironically, these greed driven “psychics” are the best practitioners of the art.

Bad day...

We all experienced it. For a time, we always perceive it as part of our lives. The best way to deal with it is to  counter the same by thinking positively. 


Here are few of my old articles for your perusal:

Fingerprint Facts

It is obvious that technology nowadays is so advanced and develops so swiftly that one can’t even get a hold of it.  Every single day, discoveries upon discoveries, theories upon theories, ideas so fresh and innovative are produced and resulted.  All of these are geared towards a beneficial end which making our complex lives here in earth more easy.

Various breakthroughs are evident even to the most complex and difficult ones.  Again the word and the idea of a once perceived product of the mind as being impossible can rarely be heard in our current situation.  One cannot escape the idea of having a more “livable” life just by simply glancing at these technologies and wonder on what will the world look like a decade from now but how will it appear tomorrow.

But with all these ideas of ours coming into reality with the help of great minds and technology, people must take into consideration and realize that all these come from simple, basic and elementary things and ideas that somewhat triggered to the development of a more advance and suitable one.  This mindset should be present in all aspects.  History perhaps is the one that should be present in trying to regard them.  Let us take a particular current breakthrough that the world is being proud of right now.  Consider the latest in forensic science for example.  And this time plunge ourselves to a particular subject…fingerprints.  It may sound so basic but a lot of things have already been done and a lot of information about fingerprints has been written and stored and what better way to appreciate it than to study a bit of it and learn some facts about fingerprints.

I.  Meaning and nature.  We would be confronted initially of the meaning of the word “fingerprint” as a start.  A very helpful and handy dictionary would instantly tell us that “fingerprint” is a noun that means as that impression given by a fingertip on any surface.  A deeper meaning of it is that is that impression or mark that is left by the ridges or creases of a finger, palm or just about any part of the body.  We may opt to use palm prints, foot prints or any print that emanated from the body, but in this case, it will particularly be the fingerprint that our discussion will focus on.

If you look closely, our fingers as well as our palms (which are closely connected by the way) are composed of ridges.  These ridges are interconnected on our fingers and palms in such a way that these ridges are very helpful in creating friction in order for us to grasp things easily when it landed on a surface.  These ridges are known also to participate by generating the needed vibrations and signals to our sensory nerves.

The impression, the mark, or the print is made by the secretion of mostly water from our eccrine glands which are natural.  The presence of fingerprints is also attributable to inks or any other chemical and contaminants applied on the fingers for the ridges to absorb and transferred to a smooth surface.

II.  Types of fingerprint.

Latent prints. – According to forensic science experts, a latent fingerprint is that type of fingerprint that is accidentally done on any surface.  It is in this regard that said fingerprint may in one way or another, hidden or invisible depending on the amount of pressure, kind of surface and other underlying factors.  These types of fingerprints are often considered by forensic science experts as hard to identify for most of these types are unclear, smudged and distorted in nature.

Patent prints. – These are the most common types of fingerprints.  These prints are mostly clear in nature and can easily be identified.  These marks are commonly made in the deposits of the creases done by separate materials such as water, ink and oil.  These types of fingerprints are clearly evident that most of it can be photographed instead of lifting for identification.

Plastic prints. – These types of prints are also similar to the patent type only in the manner of impression.  Plastic prints are those prints that are impressed or deposited into a material which is capable of retaining the impressed ridges.  A clear example of this type is that print left after touching a melted candle or some prints that are left on some grease on a car.

Today, quick and accurate identification and acquisition of fingerprints are the foundations of some of the state of the art technology in the field.  A fingerprint can be easily identified in a matter of minutes with the Automated Fingerprint Identification system (AFIS).  This procedure also allows the transfer of prints from one place to another as a coded or encrypted data.

Acquisition on the other hand would require the use of print scanners that allows one to either touch or roll your fingers on the scanning area.  These scanners usually take into account the physical differences of the ridges on the print.  Some fingerprint acquisition scanners would rely most on the captured ridges presented on a certain amount of impression given by a certain subject.  These types of scanners sometimes fail since changes in the amount of impression of a single print can vary depending on said factor.  What the technology experts focuses on right now is on the acquisition and identification of prints as based on the captured ridges.  It is through the different patterns that these ridges are presented that makes a print distinct from the other.

III.  Patterns. - Our fingerprint experts say that there are three basic fingerprint patterns.  They are the Arch, the Loop and the Whorl.  There are more complex sub-classifications of these basic patterns depending on the position and the direction of the hand.  Loops may either be radial or ulnar in nature.  There are also sub-classifications on an Arch if it is either plain arches or a tented arch.  Whorls also have its share as there are accidental, double-loop and pocket-loop whorls.

IV. Interesting and other fun facts about fingerprints.

·  As many have already known this fact about fingerprints, it is interesting to consider reiterating the fact that there are absolutely NO identical fingerprints.  It is said that the ridges that form largely of our prints develops as early as in the first few weeks of the fetus stages and each is individually develop that even an identical twin doesn’t posses the same fingerprints;

·     It is possible that relatives do have same fingerprint patterns;

·   You can outgrow your shoes but not your prints as they will stay the same no matter how old you are;

· In order to seal or close their business transactions, ancient Babylonians used fingerprints in their tablets;

·  Brothers Alfred and Albert Stratton of 1905 were the first victims of fingerprinting evidence.  They were convicted of murder;

·  Fingerprints are considered to be the very basis of criminal history of every police agency;
·         Fingerprints are believed to have outnumbered the DNA in the identification process with regards to crime solving and other incident-related cases;

·     That the fingerprint database of the FBI is ten times larger than their DNA’s;

·  You can’t change or alter your fingerprints by cutting, burning or scraping them.  Its pattern will remain the same as a new skin is developed;

·   And it is thru excessive damage of the skin that our prints can be deranged;

·      Koala’s fingerprints can be mistakenly identified from that of a human being’s;

·    It was Sir William Hershel who first used the fingerprints (1858) as a mean of identification;

·    The FBI’s fingerprint database is the largest in the world;

·    Because they (FBI) receives 34,000 fingerprint cards every day;

·   It was Mark twain who first used the fingerprinting evidence to solve a crime in one of his fictional novels, “Life on the Mississippi” (1883);

·  Birds do have fingerprints.  They are evident in their eggs that they law;

·  Experts say that an Egyptian mummy still has very clear fingerprints even if they were embalmed for a handful of years ago;

·      A cat’s nose has ridges like that of human and is capable of producing prints;

·   As humans get identified through their fingerprints, the dogs are by their nose prints;

·   As the fingerprinting wasn’t used then for identifying criminals, the crime busters instead used tattoos;

The way we see it and as discussed above, fields like the forensic sciences have long benefited from this fingerprinting phenomenon that our early ancestors used to do.  These has enabled to solve more crimes and thus aided in the identification aspects and issues of human beings.  It is also interesting to consider its intense effect on the society in developing more ways to make our lives simpler and easier.  What better way to develop something and enhance the same to make it more beneficial and helpful for the society and the environment.  Such things as fingerprints are small and minute things we don’t normally see but these are the basic structural basis of our being distinct from the others.  And it is indeed, a huge factor in considering our true identity in this ever-growing and developing society of ours. 


Compared to what I am right now is way far out different. The sudden change in my physical appearance was dreadful in a way. Before, I play basketball, do fairly in table tennis, doing well in swimming, and do know how to play various musical instruments such the guitar, keyboards and the drums.  It is quite alarming that someone who’s active as me suffer stroke.

Well aside from those, there’s another side of the coin that triggered the stroke. This are not forms of arrogance but I stupidly did these. I consume 3 packs of not lights but red cigarettes a day. The number of packs increases each time there’s a ‘drinking session’. I don’t know but I seem to run out of alcohol that I tend to crave for more. These sessions of mine runs almost every day. So hooked that it doesn’t matter what are we drinking – beer, brandy, whiskey or vodka. As long as I am soaked with the spirit, I don’t care.

The worship and love for food is another matter. To some, ‘’eat’’, but to me, ‘’devour’’. What are 4 extra rice every meal? I don’t mind the dangers of fatty foods, unwanted excessive calories and carbohydrates as long as I'm full and satisfied.

Now, it’s everything but a finished phase in my life that never would I try one more time. It was really a hard earned lesson in life. 


Manifestation in entirety it lacks.... Expressions are of a necessity... Passion and wanting are nowhere to be found... Jailed as an idea... Remained an inspiration... Conversation, a wild imagination... Reality held to just a dream...Aloof... Left strange... Thoughts meddling... Left alone... I’d be a fool to ignore it... Awe, did I? ... Spur it? Definitely not a valid answer. Unrequited? ... Unknown...

These are some of the thoughts inside the mind of an unexplained, unexpressed and incomplete affection towards another. Some stay numb and just let it be. Nothing it remains to some but their acts screams out.

Bothering... Fear of rejection... Take a chance... Perhaps... Gamble?... Will hiding be good? ... As futile it may seem... Concoction maybe... Your contentment in heart and mind... Finally, at last...But...


Try to empathize with me for a moment. Witness with me the scale of pain I underwent before facing you.

Because of the stroke, I was bedridden for 2 years. It seems that the only thing I could do then was sleep. During that time, I was medically sedated. I eat thru an NGT – a hose that is as small as a soda straw, and runs from my nose all the way to my throat. Everything I eat had to blended well. I never felt hungry or full as stopping that ordeal of eating food through the nose was always a priority.

Bone spasticity made it worst. I can’t even raise or move limb. There’s always someone helping me who would turn my body in bed to avoid bed sores. But this resulted to absurdity as I eventually got sores. To make me sit without any guides whatsoever for 10 minutes is hell for me.

2 yrs. ago with my sister and my therapists

Getting up from stroke, on the psychological aspect is the most bitter of it all. The opening of my mind and acceptance of reality should and must be made abruptly. I was able to overcome it with the love and care from God, from the people close to me and to my heart, and to you who’s now reading this blog.

July 17, 2012


I’ve been to quite a few battles in life. I couldn’t say that most of them are triumphant. Where in the world I gain such arrogance to shout out loud that I won it all considering my present state? I’m likened to a child who lost his candy. I lost almost everything. At this age, I lost my father, my wife, my children, my health, my job, my hopes and dreams. It also came to a point where I also nearly lost my sanity. How I wish never to open my eyes again as I sleep at night. My pillow, blanket and the anguish are my only comrades each time I feel like crying.

It was through this obnoxious event that I suddenly noticed the Chinese characters tattooed in my left arm that means ‘’Jesus’’. I then realized that I need not be afraid though everything was lost. I've got Jesus beside me, looking over my shoulder. I still got Jesus.