July 28, 2012

Goodbye, my dear


They were on my side before
Suddenly, they weren’t anymore
Good things I cherished
Even they too vanished
Efforts I relentlessly gave
Relationships I could have saved

Wonder why is this true
Solitary and oh so blue
Heavens may have revoked
And this occurring stroke
So used to play along
In the end it was all wrong

People I dearly know
Teasingly, they come and go
Closer to me as my world have changed
Then usual, they acted strange
It always ends, but why?
My heart is aching of various goodbyes

Soon, I know they’ll be back
For me they’ll be in formal black
Some will weep, others laugh
Relived memories on my behalf
As I lay to rest, paid my dues
Suddenly there I left them too

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