July 18, 2012


Try to empathize with me for a moment. Witness with me the scale of pain I underwent before facing you.

Because of the stroke, I was bedridden for 2 years. It seems that the only thing I could do then was sleep. During that time, I was medically sedated. I eat thru an NGT – a hose that is as small as a soda straw, and runs from my nose all the way to my throat. Everything I eat had to blended well. I never felt hungry or full as stopping that ordeal of eating food through the nose was always a priority.

Bone spasticity made it worst. I can’t even raise or move limb. There’s always someone helping me who would turn my body in bed to avoid bed sores. But this resulted to absurdity as I eventually got sores. To make me sit without any guides whatsoever for 10 minutes is hell for me.

2 yrs. ago with my sister and my therapists

Getting up from stroke, on the psychological aspect is the most bitter of it all. The opening of my mind and acceptance of reality should and must be made abruptly. I was able to overcome it with the love and care from God, from the people close to me and to my heart, and to you who’s now reading this blog.

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