July 11, 2012

Labels- the conclusion

Getting up very in order to amend and probably bemoan my momentary loss of ideas worried me. There’s this twitch in me to deal more on a friend’s remarkable bubble of existence together with someone. I’m making it less right now. I would try to give a little twist to this labelling chant just like any movie brain would. Forrest Gump once said that life is a box of chock’laits, you’ll never know what you’ll get, so it’s a complete pile of stinking shit this time.

What if you suddenly wake up one morning feeling nothing? It’s impossible, but this cheap reason sometimes does happen. The presence of a third party, whether willed or not, is also a possibility. Social, filial and such other equally important factors must also be considered. Or is this under the clock?

In the end, all your efforts, sacrifices and heartfelt prayers in keeping your relationship standing mightily over those sprains will survive.

I envy those who are determined and eager enough to showcase their undying and dedicated affection to their beloved. Love truly needs no amount of label. It just classifies the doze of love and further restricts the parties involved. Labels are only most effective in drugs or medicines. Love doesn’t need drugs or medicines. A dedicated and devoted sharing of one’s self without any conditions is more than enough to cater to what our heart truly needs, love that is.

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