July 17, 2012

Labels - Part 7

Inasmuch as I wanted to transcend or avoid details in describing life as it happens, lessons learned keeps me grounded dealing with the thing left to argue about, reality.

It’s what our hearts and minds submit to every single day. What makes or breaks us is highly related in its existence. It further tells us to change or enhance the way we live, for ourselves and especially for others.

In a relationship, reality makes us do great things – joy, nirvana, love, sacrifice, share, give and other excellent and worthy deeds. On one hand, it lets us experience lessons such as hurt, resentment, remorse, neglecting, and to some, death. A lesser truth than the latter is a broken heart.

Where is my thought and inspiration?
And where are all the good intentions?
I can’t express myself no longer
Strangled by lies and disbelief
But I need time to see more clearly
To recognize the things gone missing
In times like these I have no answer
Nothing to say at all
-          Fra Lippo Lippi

Reality and relationship should and must complement each other. Having a healthy one is accepting and understanding whatever reality presents us.

I again, was reminded of my friend who, because of unavoidable circumstances, explored reality and its labels. But the nature of her heart and the grounding that brought her back.

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