July 22, 2012

Love weather - II

To further aggravate the confinement to the weather’s comforting ambiance, I again unleash my friend’s love poems. A mug of coffee with the weather on a weekend and a doze of some love poems will surely start or end your day right.


Let me be...
The whispers in the wind,
calling your name in times when you are in need.

Let me be...
The catcher of your dreams,
bringing your wishes to life and fighting away the many screams.

Let me be...
The smile on your face,
especially in times where sadness seems to misplace.

Let me be...
The first one you see,
to wipe away your tears on the endless sea.

Let me be...
The heart beats within,
pouring out my love for you on the strings of a violin.

Let me be...
Just let me be,
Your one true love for the rest of eternity,
For I will never abandon you...


Thank you God for a brand new day
I feel better now each day
Less pain now and more love
Accepting everything from above

I know everything happens for a reason
And knowing my ex will just part of learning a lesson
In the bright side I have known the person who really loves me
The one who waits and accepting all pain just to have me

I am happy on her side
Which in my heart she always reside
She makes me feel like a prince
Which her love is so priceless

Love kills me before
But now love makes me alive again

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