July 25, 2012

My Idol

This is another insisted moments that my youngest daughter asked me to do for her mom. It is likewise dedicated to OFWs [Overseas Filipino Workers] and their families. A simple 'thank you' note for their countless sacrifices and immeasurable heroism.

It is often said and written down in various pages of human history, as well being handed by word of mouth and the individuals and personalities that shaped our minds.  It is through them that we pattern our ideals and hopes. Their drive to almost perfection is the very foundation of what we are now and their very lives are inspirations and basis of how our lives must be lived.

As simple and minute my goals may seem, I am drawn to reply that my favorite character in life is my mother. My mother has and is always been my inspiration to pursue hard on my studies and on the other facets of life for her brave attack on life, her unselfishness and her uncontested commitment has made her my unsung idol.

The mere fact of being able to endure every single night of being lonely and not embracing her beloved children when they go to sleep is simply unimaginable.  The countless days of hardwork and unlimited sacrifices for the family may sound so familiar to some, but to me, a gallant one.

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