July 18, 2012


Compared to what I am right now is way far out different. The sudden change in my physical appearance was dreadful in a way. Before, I play basketball, do fairly in table tennis, doing well in swimming, and do know how to play various musical instruments such the guitar, keyboards and the drums.  It is quite alarming that someone who’s active as me suffer stroke.

Well aside from those, there’s another side of the coin that triggered the stroke. This are not forms of arrogance but I stupidly did these. I consume 3 packs of not lights but red cigarettes a day. The number of packs increases each time there’s a ‘drinking session’. I don’t know but I seem to run out of alcohol that I tend to crave for more. These sessions of mine runs almost every day. So hooked that it doesn’t matter what are we drinking – beer, brandy, whiskey or vodka. As long as I am soaked with the spirit, I don’t care.

The worship and love for food is another matter. To some, ‘’eat’’, but to me, ‘’devour’’. What are 4 extra rice every meal? I don’t mind the dangers of fatty foods, unwanted excessive calories and carbohydrates as long as I'm full and satisfied.

Now, it’s everything but a finished phase in my life that never would I try one more time. It was really a hard earned lesson in life. 

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