July 4, 2012


As said by medical experts and concerned individuals, that prevention is the best answer to all worries and illnesses. But what are the specific risks factors concerning that fearful and apostate stroke? Knowing them could save us a fortune, precious time, our lives and those of our loved-ones. Studies have revealed the following as contributing risk factors:
  • Age & Sex – stroke tends to attack on older people. Those aged 55 or above are more prone to stroke although recent studies show terrifying conclusion that the age bracket widens, meaning anyone as early as 20 can be a candidate for stroke. Men are more likely to have a stroke than women. It’s maybe caused by- you guessed it right,
  • Lifestyle choices – those who are more stressed, uncontrollable consumption of alcohol, food (obesity) or drugs (cocaine and other intravenous kind) and smoking.
  • Diseases – those who have diabetes, high blood pressure and other heart ailments has a greater risk of having a stroke.
  • Heredity – well its maybe true that it really ‘runs in the blood’, a family history of stroke and heart problems targets a high possibility of having one. Studies show that Hispanics, Blacks and Asians have higher rates of having a stroke because related partly of them having high blood pressures than white people.

There are risks that are unavoidable and there are those that we can. It’s never too late to get a hold and control of these risks.

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