July 24, 2012

Stroked reality

Dwelling to the reality is almost unacceptable. Salvaging what was left is just mocking yourself. Stroke is an unwanted event in my life. Because of my previous unconstraint lifestyle, I lured an undesirable health concern. It almost ravaged my life. I dwindled to oblivion.

But stroke did not and would not let it stop me. I saw stroke as a blessing and an eye opener for me. A reality that I was forced to swallow and enjoy at the same time. At first, it was not painful. It was hell. Gradual and dilatory embracing of reality was an endeavour. It further reminded me of others who was at the same situation as mine. Doable, but it’s a long hard boulevard to recovery.

Thorough determination and support from everyone is what every stroke patient needs. Reality is what it is.

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