August 10, 2012


With unquestionable beauty and that spark of elegance she entered the room. Her every movement seems to go together with that soft piano sound playing over at one side. The usual noise made by utensils and wine glasses soon followed. The luxurious setting was draped off with people’s voices either talking or laughing. She ignored them and was immediately guided by the personnel to a special corner to be seated. From where she was, she could as well feel the raw breeze of cool air as it hovers around the fairly lighted room.

Eagerly decided, she waived her hand to get the waiter’s attention. The latter acknowledged and approached her. ‘’Good evening ma’am. Can I have your order, please?

With a polite and lovely voice, she replied. “A serving of your specialty, the chocolate cake please...”

The order was written down and the waiter completed his mandatory preliminary serving by pouring the complimentary red wine unto the woman’s goblet.

She was elegantly and lightly thumping her fingers both on her wine glass and unto the table while waiting for her order when a loud noise emerged from nowhere. She guessed it right. It was the sound made by thunder. She saw those gathered dark clouds before she got inside the hotel restaurant. It was followed by another roar from the heavens but this time, it was coupled by a frightening flash of light. It was quick like the blink of an eye.

Then there was darkness. A cool burst of air passed into her unconscious state. Still trembling, she managed to look around. Everything was gone. “What is this?’’ she murmured. “What happened?” she tried to close her eyes once again but all she repeatedly saw was that sumptuous chocolate cake.

After some time, she was shrugged by reality and realized that it was only a dream. All that was left was the craving for a chocolate cake.  She wanted to go back to her unfinished dream but nothing happened.

Then it was later in the day when she realized that it was a different form of craving. She saw people, children in particular that require great amount of attention amidst the flood caused by strong rains. They personally craved for her help.

Setting aside her personal cravings and agendas, she wholeheartedly gave and shared assistance to those needy ones. She was at peace for her cravings stopped and resulted into doing something more worthy and humane.

She was not aware that what she selflessly did was much more delicious than a truck load of chocolate cake. It’s being for others before being in itself. An unselfish act by a worthy person.

By the way, she’s my soon to be 'aussie' lovely dear friend...OK TOL!

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