August 16, 2012

E-Global Marketing

E-Global Marketing for me would simply mean that kind of or a particular kind of strategy of entrepreneurs and businessmen that deals mainly and practices various methods of marketing in an “E-Global” way.

It is so important nowadays for businessmen and entrepreneurs alike to be at par with our modern technology where emails, internet and URLs are the name of the game. Inasmuch as one would like to increase his or her profitability of a certain product or service, one should explore the great possibility of having to market the goods and services in a “modern” way.

By having to put into practice and having to strategically plan or organize such strategy, avenues of productivity and profitability are being opened.  Deliveries of products and services are made much faster than the usual as it could only take less than a day especially if the one you are doing business is abroad or is currently in another part of the world.  Participating and putting the same in into the system in these kind of activities also taps other businesses which are and in other way related to the transactions.  Job opportunities are also created, computer-related significantly.

With less costs and definitely low in value in terms of overhead expenditures, more business opportunities are also opened and created thus stirring a more competitive market.  And from an economist’s point of view, it is the consumers and the end-users that will reap the benefits because if competition arises in the market, there will be a great possibility of the prices to go down.  One can imagine the lower costs of these various goods and services with the same good quality.  Going global also will not also bring competition but a lesser cost of marketing, advertising and exposure of the business.

In the long run, the inevitable and fast swift of modern technology has gotten into and has temporarily rested into the system in almost every aspect of our daily lives and having this E-Global Marketing is just a part and parcel of the various waves that this modern and “electronic” way offer.

By riding into the wave, we create a more comfortable world in which we live.  It is also one way of us being challenged to strive harder to improve, enhance and modify the way we live as we travel and face more waves of the future.

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