August 17, 2012

Is original content writing that worth enough?

It has always been a fact, according to reliable authorities as well as to some useful websites, that an original and unique content is one of the many vital essentials in achieving positive search engine positioning. 

Laboriously copying the entire web content, having fully optimized codes and various links to get correct results to correct keywords are not enough factors for a good content generating process.

Looking closely, our available search engines are not capable of showing the same text results in a repetitive manner.  What these search engines do is they provide various text options on a specific search.  And with this, it is essential that an original and new content is advised.

It must be taken into consideration that search engines such as Google, searches and gives results according to the number of times a certain word or phrase is mentioned in a given content.  And that the search further narrows down its results through the manner by which a certain keyword is found on a given content.   

The author’s viewpoint stands that it is important to write your own original content.  An original content will produce natural links that will surely initiate new sources and references in the entire network.  Doing so increases the chance of getting better page positions that inevitably go well with a particular search engine.

On a more personal note, the author and just like anyone else, prefers to view the original content or the original source rather than seeing a page where the same is or are just referenced or mentioned.  And it is through the author’s experience that again, writing an original content is really worth.  An example is the website of  The site has certain section which shows author-approved published articles that also appear in other websites, but there is also a portion or a section, entirely made by the author, where original content articles can be found.  It is also noteworthy that on a given period of time, users or researchers alike tend to visit and spend more time working or simply viewing contents that are original.

Sadly, since the original contents section only comprises a small fraction of the whole page or certain section, original content visitors tend to or sometimes forced to switch to the referenced ones.  This behaviour of visitors became the source of motivation or challenge to the author to write more original content in order to be at par with the referenced ones.

Lastly, the author further tells that if everyone is encouraged to write their own respective original content, the possibility of generating more enthusiasm on the subject matter will increase as various aspects, sides and points of view will be established.  Furthermore, it will be beneficial to websites as it will generate more visitors that are eager to visit and experience a worth original content.    


  1. yes, I must say that Google and other search engines is being rude on content duplication and its not good so, unique content worth a lot.

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