August 9, 2012


A thing that could mellow my bothered and seemingly eager to jump mind is music. I honestly adapt to any kind of genre. I must have inherited the love for music from my grandpa who was a music teacher himself. 

It’s a form of therapy for me for I sometimes forget that I’m ‘stroked’ by lashing a sudden line or two from a favorite song of mine. It’s relaxing for by listening to it brings back memories of those precious moments. Rewinding time becomes more of a movie with music.

The last song syndrome maybe caused by the memorable instance coupled with the particular music that goes with it and lingers. I bet that most of them placed a smile on our faces. It shows who we really are, what we want and what it is in us. 

What if there’s no music? I cannot imagine how life would be without it. Whatever type you’re listening right now, love it. Embrace your music.     

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