August 7, 2012


The continuing rain haunts ourselves once again. The idea of flood keeps our hearts beating faster. As a wet day unfolds, I’m helplessly reminded of those unsheltered, unfed and unfortunate individuals all left in the rain. Rains may have brought them sickness, confusion and hidden tears.

 Then I gazed at my present predicament. These people and I face almost the same current dilemma in life. At a time I was glad to be fortunate enough not to go through their misery right now. I may have severely suffered from stroke and its consequences but it’s nothing compared to those who are suffering because of the rain right now. I’m much luckier in a way.

There is one wish that we both share the same with. Deep inside I know that it will emerge. That the rain will soon stop and give way to sunshine. Let’s all pray for that to happen in His time. 

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