August 5, 2012


As a result of this bed-inviting weather condition wherein heavy clouds installs cold breeze and quick gushes of heavy rain, everything halted back. I was forced again to ponder on the meaning of my life. Examining it is not easy. Accepting what was left is somewhat unimaginable. Reality is right directly on my face so there’s nothing left for me to do but to let it envelope me.

Having to swallow the bitter truth crumbles my soul which is the source of my strength and hope, brought me down. It left me good as dead. I feel nothing. Emotions suddenly felt numb. Stroke’s psyche started its wrath.

Something in my stressful slumber whispered at me telling me to fight. It urged me to stand up amidst all these hardships I’m into. It became an everyday reminder; an utter turned into a scream, each time I wake up. In the end, I realized that no one left to but me and me alone.

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