September 21, 2012


My stroked mind is brought to attention on asking why are there some people who pretend they care but in reality they don’t. Once stripped of the earthly drappings, true colors will come.

It has always been that way, the way I see it. The real soul intent of an individual emerges in uncompromising situations. There are times that they are obvious and at times not. The best way for us to be ready for it is that we shouldn’t expect too much. Expecting too much somehow lowers our self-dependency.

Another way to ready ourselves is the other way around. Expect the worst. It may sound funny but preparedness to a person’s motive or agenda is best done in this way. Expecting per se is lessened for what is readied upon is the worst.

More saddening is the people close to you are the ones responsible for this kind of unwanted attitude. All my stroked being could do to those I mentioned is pray.


  1. i think maybe they DO care but are too lazy to do something about it. stay positive bro ..

  2. vicious cycle...never expect would be a more optimistic way...