September 16, 2012


by AVB

Why do we promise or swear? Is it some sort of assurance or guaranty we give to assert something to another? Is it a form of temporary withdrawal from reality? An escape mechanism perhaps?

Why do we say we do, but we really don’t? Or why is it that we don’t but we actually do? We say we can but we can’t or the other way around. There are things we must but instead, we mustn’t.

Every word and action counts. You are responsible for it. Try not lashing out false hopes and broken promises. It affects your being in return. It also damages your and others’ reputation. Learn to value those. Simple or how complicated they may be, they are images of the real you as perceived by others. It further makes you worthy of trust from other individual.

We cannot expect one to always adhere on what you say, so please, don’t break that promise.

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