October 1, 2012


Accepting the reality and it truthfulness is hard to honestly fathom. The pit that I am currently in to is much likened into a nightmare. It’s more of an unimaginable occurrence that possibilities of escaping it are close to oblivion.

Some of you share the same dilemmas in life. Our right to be free from worries and heavy burdens are sometimes pose as our alter egos. Problems upon problems make our journeys towards a certain goal harder and heavier to reach. We, sometimes, admit the cause but acceptance makes it worst when it or they aren’t your fault.

Just put in mind that these worries are just temporary and that we should not lose hope. Hold on to something that is positive. It’s just a test of how tough in life we are. It further enables us to show our determination and strength in those trying times. Caused by us or not, we must handle it positively.

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