October 11, 2012

Coffee, again, please...

Coffee recipes to perk up your day...

Caffe Di Cioccolata


1/4 c Instant espresso
1/4 c Instant cocoa
2 c Boiling water
Whipped cream
Finely shredded orange peel or ground cinnamon

How To:

Combine coffee and cocoa. Add boiling water and stir to dissolve. Pour into demitasse cups. Top each serving with whipped cream and shredded orange peel. Serves 6 to 7.

Danish Coffee


8 c Hot coffee
1 c Dark rum
3/4 c Sugar
2 Cinnamon sticks
12 Cloves (whole)

How To:

In a very large heavy saucepan, combine all the ingredients, cover and keep on low heat for about 2 hours. Serve in coffee mugs.

Dublin Dream


1 tb Instant coffee
1 1/2 tb Instant hot chocolate
1/2 oz Irish cream liqueur
3/4 c Boiling water
1/4 c Whipped cream

How To:

In an Irish coffee glass, place all ingredients except for the whipped cream. Stir until well mixed, and garnish with whipped cream.

[source: 89 Coffee Recipes]

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