October 4, 2012

Jail time

With all the fireworks and nuisances this new Philippine law [Republic Act No. 10175 a.k.a. Cybercrime Law] been hounding ‘netizens’ alike, I was immediately thrown to the badlands of questions that rather relate or not regarding the subject matter.

This is applicable to all. Lawmakers hear me out. Stupid my idea may but, is it possible that for every law passed or made, there should be adjustments or renovations on our prisons? Of course, the presence of violators is inevitable. Tendency is the roaring call for improvement in the penal system will rise. Prison cells will be overpopulated. Then, where does the rehabilitation of an inmate reside? Do our lawmakers give a fuss and notice about these things?

My perception is that laws are made so that people may abide. Breaking the law can land you in jail. It is through in there that you are renewed or rehabilitated. But how is it possible if you land in hell instead of jail? Penal authorities say that it is meant to be that way to pave for the remorse of the inmate. Human rights advocates may call this foul as it dehumanizes one.

The latter group may be right. Let us treat one another as human beings, not animals. To lawmakers, open your eyes to reality. More laws maybe isn’t just the answer.


  1. i have a problem with our penal system where our convicts get to live off the state with free food and lodging and who knows what other freebies they are getting ...

    i am for having them work for their upkeep and finally contribute back to society.

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