November 26, 2012

Coffee Do's and Dont's

Some coffee tips for enthusiasts:

Never boil coffee - It causes bitterness. Coffee should be brewed between 195 and 205° F

Do not re-heat coffee - Make as much as you plan to drink, then brew fresh. Coffee holds it flavor at 170° F

Use freshly drawn cold tap water - If your water is not good, use filtered or bottled spring water. Never use distilled water.

Do not reuse grinds - This will produce a bitter brew.

Use correct grind - Too fine a grind will cause over extraction and bitterness and may clog your brewer. To coarse a grind will cause under extraction or watery thin coffee.

Use the correct proportion - 1 standard coffee measure of 7 grams of 2 tablespoons for each 6oz of coffee. Do not alter recipe, remember that grinding finer will result in bitter coffee and using less coffee will result in thin coffee.

Keep coffee on burner for no longer than 30 minutes - Use a thermos or airpot to keep coffee hot and fresh for longer periods of time.

Other Reminders:

·         Flavored coffees should only be ground in grinders designated for flavored coffee
·         Ground coffee should never be re-ground
·         Never grind green coffee, moist coffee, or non-coffee items
·         Always keep your fingers out of the grinders. Use a utensil to loosen beans if they are stuck to sides
·         Always grind all the beans you place in the grinder

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