November 8, 2012

Scientific naturalism?

Scientific naturalism includes:

1. Different aspects of a naturalist epistemic attitude (e.g. acceptance of naturalized epistemology, a rejection of so-called first philosophy along with an acceptance of either weak or strong scientism);

2. An etiological account of how all entities whatsoever have come to be, constituted by an event-causal story (especially the atomic theory of matter and evolutionary biology) described in natural scientific terms; and

3. A general ontology in which the only entities allowed are ones that bear a relevant similarity to those thought to characterize a completed form of physics. Whether or not this ontology should be expanded to include sui generis emergent properties, e.g. secondary qualities, normative or mental properties, will occupy our attention shortly.

[souce: Consciousness and the Existence of God: A theistic argument]

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