November 29, 2012

Starting up a Business 101 - IV

Business? See whether you relate to any of the following most common reasons people give for starting up in business:

·         Being able to make your own decisions
·         Having a business to leave to your children
·         Creating employment for the family
·         Being able to capitalise on specialist skills
·         Earning your own money when you want
·         Having flexible working hours
·         Wanting to take a calculated risk
·         Reducing stress and worry
·         Having satisfaction of creating something truly of your own
·         Being your own boss
·         Working without having to rely on others

The two central themes connecting all these reasons seem to revolve around gaining personal satisfaction, which can be seen as making work as much fun as any other aspect of life, and creating wealth, which is essential if an enterprise is going to last any length of time.

Even when your personality fits and your goals are realistic, you have to make sure that the business you’re starting is a good fit for your abilities.

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