December 10, 2012

Believe It or Not, You Need Cholesterol

Your healthy body needs cholesterol, but I haven’t told you the reasons why. Let me list them now:

·  Cholesterol directs the development of some cells in the growing fetus.
· Cholesterol is part of the membrane that surrounds and protects each cell in your body.
· Cholesterol comprises a major portion of your brain, which is composed of mostly fatty tissue.
· Cholesterol contributes to the construction of synapses, structures through which nerve cells transmit messages.
· Cholesterol is a building block for hormones, including the male sex hormone testosterone and the vital adrenal hormone cortisone.
·  Cholesterol is an ingredient in digestive juices, such as bile.
· Cholesterol is used as a building block for vitamin D, which is made when sunlight hits the fatty tissue just under your skin.
·  And, oh yes, cholesterol is part of body fat.

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  1. Thanks, just always be in moderation, my sister-in-law had a stroke which paralyzed half of her body, what saved her according to the doctor was she has no hypertension. I can't believe it, anyone can suffer stroke even if without hypertension, high cholesterol can also trigger stroke.