December 27, 2012

Who Gets Fibromyalgia

Just about anyone of any age can develop fibromyalgia, but most research so far indicates that the majority of people with FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome) are of the female persuasion, partly because women are more sensitive to pain than men. This is a time where a little equal opportunity of pain would be preferable (if you’re a woman). But who gets fibromyalgia isn’t about fairness.

Although women are the primary sufferers of fibromyalgia, many men have been diagnosed with FMS, too, and some men with fibromyalgia go undiagnosed for years. For more information about some of the major patterns that have been identified so far among people who develop fibromyalgia, which you may share with these fellow sufferers.

What about children and adolescents? Do they have fibromyalgia? Sadly, yes. If your child or teenager has FMS, he may have a difficult time because most physicians, as well as the general public, still don’t realize that kids can experience chronic pain from FMS. Instead, they think kids are faking it when they say that they’re too sick to go to school. Maybe they are, but then again, maybe they’re not.

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