December 24, 2012

Why is there such a “daredevil” stunt?

I was pondering for a while about this notion or line of thinking as I was watching an action film where there are tons of blastings, gunfights, transportation flying here and there and all those stuntmen flying like superman as well too.  From a movie producer or director, those are considered as stunts.  A stunt by the way is an unusual and complicated physical activity that necessitates a special skill or talent from the one performing it.  Stunts are performed mostly on entertainment and artistic purposes and likewise done more an action films.  Stunts are varied according to its level of dangers but they are mostly ignored by stunt performers for the aim of giving the audience a good show.  Whatever performance of a stunt is, it is always considered a “daredevil” one.

We all have this notion or belief about the devil and what he/it can possibly bring to us.  But whatever it is or they are, our mindsets tend to the bad.  The devil is known to bring bad luck, bad omen or anything unexpectedly bad.  Daring the devil is more like teasing the devil to do the “bad” on a certain human action.  In this case, stunts are of the “daredevil” type because it attracts injury, death or any bad event to the one performing it.  It is more like saying and classifying a “daredevil” stunt as a perilous, dangerous and death-defying since these stunts are “daring the devil” or should we say “tempting the devil” to do his/its stuff on the stunt performer.

It is either sad or lucky to say that “daredevil” stunts’ days are already numbered with the presence of computer imagery.  Lucky, because makers of these daredevil stunts are just satisfied on the level of “daring the devil” through the wonders of the computer in which stunts are made without getting to unexpected trouble.  Sad because the real thrill of a stunt being a “daredevil” loses its meaning.  

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