January 2, 2013

…and lived happily ever after...

Why “Once upon a time”…they lived “happily ever after” mom?

As kids, our senses were much drawn to these lines on almost everywhere.  On some sense, it’s a bit confusing and perplexing to think that what we are being told of is something that is unknown.

Stories upon stories, its probably the most favorite, used and old lines of writers, storytellers, playwrights and such the like.  We often ignore these but don’t you think it’s about time we look at these tiny facts?

These phrases and lines are long been used by story tellers to imply the uncertainty, their lack of knowledge or just plain creativeness (if that’s what you want to call it) on how it all began and how it all ended.

In some ways, these lines were formulated to trigger our imagination and likewise rely on the challenge given that it is up to our minds as kids or grown ups to fill that empty space that our storytellers left.  Our storytellers might find the beginning both too long and detailed that the story might loose its nature or incomprehensible or complex in the end for fear of destroying the stories’ main purpose.  Or they were simply too tired and exhausted to tell the stories to us on a more detailed manner.

Anyways, the magic of these “lapses” still continues to amaze and bring wonders to kids and grown-ups as well and as the story went…and lived happily ever after”.   

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