January 6, 2013

Better work

Focus on Making Your Best Better

In this part about work, outlined in detail the three steps—concepts that are crucial to a focus on making your best better:

1. Set a goal. A goal goes a long way toward making more things possible. A clear outcome helps form a structure, clarifying the destination while making obvious the direction to go in. Once you have set a clear path to achieving a goal, it will be easier to say no to things that take you off-course.

2. Be consistent. Consistency is key to personal and career success. If you can repeat positive, valuable behaviors, develop routines that build upon each other and that generate and enhance momentum, you will demonstrate your trustworthiness to everyone you work with and around.

3. Take action. Action is necessary to achieve your goals. To get from where you are to where you want to be, you must plan and take specific action steps directly related to the goal.

Now it’s time to stop and ask yourself, “How do I apply these three concepts to my own work and life experiences?” As you continue reading, make notes of how you think you identify your goals, how you plan for consistency, and how you take deliberate action toward achieving your desired outcomes.

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