March 27, 2013

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple healing technique that you can use by yourself or with a therapist/practitioner. You can combine it effectively with some other therapies, or use it as a standalone technique. In this chapter, you discover how EFT evolved, how it works, and how you can benefit from using it on yourself and others. You also find out a small sample of the problems EFT can help with and, if using EFT on yourself, when you may want to find outside help from a therapist.

Although you may not have heard of EFT, you may well be familiar with the therapies of acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, and kinesiology. All are part of the energy therapies family tree. Broadly speaking, energy therapies are techniques that work on rebalancing the flow of energy that gets disrupted as it travels through channels in your body known as meridians. This bit is important to maintaining good emotional and physical health. There’s also a bit of psychology thrown in here, which is why you also hear people referring to EFT as an energy therapy, energy psychology, or meridian therapy. I explain the most popular of the other energy therapies – and you can use them with EFT is what you may call a modern-day version of these energy therapies, some of which go back more than 2,500 years.

Other theorists say that EFT taps into a part of the brain that stores and processes information, used in neuro-physiology. No one exactly knows but, after all, do you need to know exactly how something works if it’s doing you no harm, only good? Because many people use EFT to great effect, the best advice is to continue to use it until scientists come up with their own theory.


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