November 10, 2013

DIY Phenomenon

Most of you maybe had a glimpse of your own dream house. For mums perhaps, a cosy living room or a tidy kitchen. For the dads out there, you might be having some endless nights thinking of that mini bar you just saw from a glossy magazine nearby. And to the kids, they too may have their ideal room that lingers in their active minds. But sad to say, those “I wish I had one” remains held up in our minds. If we are to consider the money, time and effort; those rooms, bars and kitchens will stay as pictures in the magazine.

Thanks to those smart minds in the industry for looking out such valuable issues regarding the improvement of homes. There is now guaranteed, cost effective and personalized solution to all those home improvement cravings – DIY (Do It Yourself).

DIY is almost a dream turned reality for homeowners. With this highly acclaimed and received factor, even contractors are jumping on the bandwagon. They either develop new means integrating it, or they use DIYs themselves in order to reach additional revenues. With these sudden increases in demand, more capitalist are gambling their investments in either introducing products, re-packaging the old ones and as far as lowering the cost of their services and/or products; all to be at par with the DIY sector.

Most of all, what benefits this DIY phenomenon are the end users themselves. It helps them more ways than one. Your home improvement, repair or remodelling gets a touch of being personalized. DIY kits, handbooks and manuals leave you or allow a sense of freedom for you to either change colour of the entire wall to complement the curtains or not. In doing so with DIYs, time won’t be a factor anymore since it’s all up to you when to finish a particular job. Doing other matters more pressing can be done in an instant. Most importantly, as we try hard to save and budget money; DIYs is way less costly rather hiring somebody or engaging the services of a contractor (not unless the work to be done is way beyond what you’re capable of). There is an available DIY for simple to complicated repairs, remodelling and improvement, from the roof up to the basement below. Additional home amenities such as shutters, curtains and drapers can also be found on a DIY kit or handbook.

DIY moreover, lets you expand your choices and limitations. A designer friend of mine once exemplified and told me that “ doesn't need to spend that much to change the theme and feel of their is stenciling, like now summer, basically summer is all about outdoors, and the colours...we can always bring the outdoors in through stenciling doors, walls, furniture, and others. There are lots of stencil books available for their reference in art stores [and] for the art supplies...all they need is 1% skill and 99% imagination...”

Another great advantage that this particular mean is we, as homeowners, unknowingly bond together as a family. Doing a DIY work together with another member or two of the family ties a stiffer bond. Unconsciously, it is through that suggestions and opinions are raised in a constructive way. Thus, lesser stress and friction on the matter. And the more domestic interaction is manifested; tight and deeper relations are formed within the DIY family. 

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