November 14, 2013

On starting your own business

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

You’re probably a first-time entrepreneur itching to go out on your own. You have some capital behind you, some business know-how, and the whole world out there to conquer. But what kind of enterprise should you venture into? That depends, of course, on your interests, skills, and prior experience. Let’s have a look at what’s to come and see what ideas it might ignite for you.

Dream Schemes

Who hasn’t dreamed of opening a bed-and-breakfast or creating a national fad?  Be one of the operators of a historic inn on Nantucket Island, or a man who thinks buses and cars are old-fashioned, or a man who knows how to express any emotion with flowers, and a man who wanted to re-create a childhood experience producing homemade ice cream.

Service Industry Careers

In today’s economy, service businesses are more and more the way to go. Offer to do something for other people or companies that they can’t do for themselves, and you’ll find scores of avenues to pursue. It’s a broad highway, covering everything from hair care, personal training, and tracing family histories to plant sitting and tree trimming.

Careers in the Limelight

If you’re comfortable performing in front of others, if public speaking comes naturally to you, and if you thrive on the response of a receptive audience, then there’s where you’ll find a few ideas to put you on the stage—so to speak.

Freelance Writing

Ah, the writer’s life—being your own boss, working at home, setting your own hours. From freelancer to novelist to literary agent, learn about the different writing fields you can enter and how to go about making a success of them.

Organizations and Cooperative Enterprises

Dreamers hope to find a club or organization to join that matches their interests; self-starters see the need and start their own. Learn on how a successful collective is started, how to form an association or organize a seminar business—all careers for highly organized individuals.

There are literally thousands and thousands of ideas for self-starter careers. Just look around you: every Wendy’s, every Kinko’s, every Sam’s Club or Costco, every boutique or bookstore was started by someone with a dream. Think back to hula hoops and the happy face. These, too, were started by dreamers who weren’t afraid to move on to self-starter status. Certainly there’s room for one more Rubik’s cube, one more published book, one more chocolate chip cookie stand. You too can join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs—all you have to do is stop dreaming and start moving.