July 24, 2012

Another burst

Last night while contemplating, consideration on the recent events that happened and what had transpired during the day, still dumbfounded, I was able to burst, through my ‘stroked’ mind, a short poem for my dear friend.


Guess I woke up at the wrong side of the bed
Fate might accidentally pushed me instead
Though I am calm, a little confused
Bit concerned, then again, amused

This must now I’ll truly confess
Be it to thou that it won’t be a guess
From the very beginning
An aura I commend that’s truly amazing

So I’m finding it hard at least for the moment
Procure ideas as they happen
Shred of loss of thou art presence
Me resulting to pure nonsense

Guess it’s time and hope it’s not
A virtual distant mate and true friend a lot
Just remember this, I hope you do
There’s no more T3 for me other than you

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