July 24, 2012

Troubled goals

Being a person with stroke is extremely hard. No road or method is easy. You are hurting both from the inside and out. At times your mind dictates while your body does not feel like going through your mind, or it’s the other way around at certain times. The feeling of being limited seeps in and desperation pulls you back suddenly. Then hope slowly fades. Goals seem like mere utterances. The fire in you dies down. Pale, weak, uninvolved persona emerges. The masked depression attacks again strategically.

But just as being true and honest about the matter, everything and anything all comes down on how you treat it yourself. By surrounding yourself with people with concern can help you. Deeply focusing on what is to be done instead being distracted by negative thoughts also works well.

Take time. Time to transcend and empathize. Depression is a real mean mental enemy that could worsen your status if not handled correctly.

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