July 26, 2012

Bursts - II

A boost or a much insisting push is what I really need now. I believe that part of me has done enough. Time to blast away more of those waited bursts. Bursting I now set sail on this wonderful journey of life. 

Unknowingly a dreadful ordeal
Cursing, lambasting
To which can’t reveal
Overwhelmed down too much
Afflicting this moment
Never dream of such

Wanting needed rest
Not that long
In order to be abreast
Teeming with ideas
Not to dwell more
By living in fantasia

Inspiration is what I pray
Imploring the heavens
Just let it...stay
Soon as I’m ready
No matter what
Be it light or heavy

I know that this shall come to pass
Nothing is permanent
Although meant to last
Wheelchair bursts
Active and recharged
Echoes of greatness emerged

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