July 26, 2012

Monday Poem

I am much honored to present a burst of my classmate’s tentative existence in literary world.

My Monday Poem
By Rusty Sanchez Jr.August 28, 2010 (9:00 to 9:30) 

Never ending tell tale stories of misgivings
Unrelenting ….. Unforgiving
Breath of innocence, besiege by armors and arms

Shameless faces of tangential ranks
Captured in lenses without poetic masks
Dying seconds of  clouded fear
Aggravated by sounds of bullets turned tears 

Ostentatious display of might and arrogance
Shelled in a bus to detour a lost rank
Ignited by a flat tire to seize his wallet size
Growling  like a boob tube monster firing with a shut eye 

Making my Monday mourning put into poem 
Forgiveness we seek for the world to understand

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