July 5, 2012


Having known that lifestyle dramatically matters much on people having a stroke, there can be no possible way but consider changing it. I know that it’s easier said than done. Some may take it lightly, some would ignore it. Giving it a try can absolutely garner you healthy prizes in return. It’s true that we can never learn enough on one thing unless we, ourselves experience it. But it is entirely different in this case. We don’t want to be caught in a place where ‘’it’s too late’’. Hard it is but worthy in the end.

The risk of stroke can be reduced through lifestyle changes:

• stop smoking
• control blood pressure
• get regular exercise
• keep body weight down
• avoid excessive alcohol consumption
• get regular checkups and follow the doctor’s advice regarding diet and medicines

Changing the same gets you more focused and develops a more optimistic view in life. Longevity in life prolongs. 


  1. nice knowing you have a new perspective. i should also follow this^-^ gomawo.

  2. Dont forget to mention to take care of your teeth. We have people come in from falling out of wheelchairs to Emergency Dental Repair all the time.