July 5, 2012


I’ve seen it, read about it and felt it. I would say that it is the aftermath or the aftershock of stroke. As a stroke survivor, the manner of how to go dealing with it largely foreshadow your future as someone whose willingness and strong drive emancipates. But for those slaved by it, it cries the needed support and guidance from family and friends. Depression it is.

It is described as ‘’a mental condition in which people feel extremely sad and lose interest in life.’’ People with depression may also have sleep problems and loss of appetite, and may have trouble concentrating and carrying out everyday activities. This type of human behaviour is commonly felt by those who suffered stroke. It affects and even tries to dominate one’s life. Depression per se and symptoms of depression, I guess.

It dawned on me making me think that I’m hopeless. That everything I had is gone – career, friends, plans in life and everything tangible in my memory. My physical attributes, my self-esteem and my faith were endangered by depression. As a stroke patient, sometimes I wish I was dead so I won’t prolong this misery of mine. Winning over it is very hard. You have to accept and swallow everything. Like ending and coping up in a relationship, you need to move on. Miserable it may seem, but you have to build a new and optimistic view in life relative to your present condition. 

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