July 10, 2012

Label-Part III

For My Archangel....

Everything came so easy.
You're keeping me warm
Crashing down in,
You're making me smile.
I never felt so wanted,
You're taking me home.

Don't give back,
I miss you, I kiss you,
But nobody knows.

Too much to ask
Something between us
Sweet beginnings, sweet endings.
I'm your side
But I can't spell it out
Meet me halfway, I could be the same for you


It is quite simple though challenging, to keep an unlabelled love relationship going. The amount of selfless sacrifice counting to doing every possible thing just to make the idea of labelling drift among the fads of culture is immeasurable. The imaginary line that labels every love relationship vanishes with much affection and intimacy shown. Two souls liking each one’s company is enough reason to manifest pure and unblemished love. It exemplifies simplicity but the deepness of one’s affection still shouts. Existentially logical for everything exists in mind. The simple poem above tells how time and circumstances modifies a single life. Being in an unlabelled relationship and of course, being in love. 

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  1. thanks. your'e making my lovelife looks colorful. really. thanks a lot. =D