July 10, 2012

Label-Part II

I feel that this is inevitable. Life would be all bland for one not to undergo this. You would die meaningless and of self-centeredness missing the peace and joy it brings. It is how I initially define relationships. For me, it is a transcendental vision of what we are. It is an extension of who and what we want to be. Piles of books have been presented; relationship tips, relationship know-how, building relationships, love and relationships, etc. But if we look closely, it all sums up in knowing yourself first. Benefitting from that intense relationship with yourself is absolutely the one most worthy of that love. Label that love relationship between you and yours alone. There is so much affection and understanding needed than emphasizing on society’s ‘label’ pressure. To love wholeheartedly in a relationship definitely needs no label. As my friend would put it, ‘’GOW’’. 

1 comment:

  1. for me label(s) is very significant to me its not only a brief description given for purposes of identification but to designate things but not applicable to feelings and or Humans specially in "LOVE".


    Thank you - wheelchaired man!