July 16, 2012

Just asking...

I saw myself as an innocent, philosophical and non-believing child in quest for answers pertaining to God. So, come follow me momentarily as we immerse ourselves into this ancient and most debated topic, which is a bit boring but colourful and worth your precious time. I will try hopefully to answer and shed a flicker to fundamental queries about God.

We start with the basic premise that God created man in his own image and likeness. It thus contradicts for us to say that God is perfect. The further analysis of these sentences burdens and destroys their truthfulness or veracity.

Questions: Own image and likeness? Can we be all called God also? Can we be perfect also like him? Is our nature as human beings, perfect? Are sin and suffering, signs of imperfection? We’re created in his likeness, right? God was raised from the dead, can we be too? Does God exist?

Great minds have tried to produce replies upon replies to these pressing questions from time immemorial up to the present. Answered or not, human beings capriciously strive everyday for what they perceive is perfection. And it is through that lone act of struggle to perfection that we see God.

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