July 16, 2012

Ite Ad Josep

Just to infinitely appreciate and show gratitude for simply making me worth for my friends are remarkable. First of all, they don’t know me that well. All they have are pieces of memories that coincidentally tie my raw being with them. Secondly, poorly is my impact as regards to the batch. Even a kid can  mercilessly count them if there were any. Lastly, because of the above pivotal reasons, I’m totally an alien. Apart and foreign to most of them including their activities, interactions and memories, I craved a sense of belongingness.

Although my lack of presence, I’m glad for they treated and adopted me as their own. I felt affiliated in their blessed group. A tribe consisting of Godsend people gifted with abundant joy, laughter and the coveted Josephian zeal. A mark filled with cooperation, camaraderie, inspiration, and selflessness.

I am therefore proud that I was welcomed again as a parcel of the group with open arms. How I wanted to be back in our school together with them as we inhale and feel those walls and walk those granite paths once again.  

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