July 11, 2012

Prelude to rewards...

I recently just concluded a no-holds bar interaction with close friend of mine who was so lively, charismatic and deeply. Her life and love is everything to her. A show of human’s need for affection and the ability to give all possessions. Sacrifice. I remember an elderly man from the church in one of his speeches. He said that sacrifice is not doing the thing that you wanted most in a particular time just to give others the chance to do it. It’s really a matter of choice. The decision must emanate from within you.

I suddenly begrudged the man behind her. Words are not wise enough to describe the amount of love and sacrifice she is giving. She doesn’t care if it goes back right at her or not. She does not even mind the lingering repercussions of her doings. It feels so great that she does not mind everything that’s happening around her.

The mere fact that you’re sacrificing is a huge self-control on your part. Your ability to give way to others that needed it most. Your ability to endure endless pain while someone’s not. Your willingness to swap positions and empathize with others. God-like, is how we classify it.

In our busy and complicated lives, we stumble upon challenges. Challenges that require sacrifices to change us. Sacrificing ourselves wholly surely reaps great and favourable rewards.  

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