July 12, 2012


It caught me helpless and cornered
Heart left bruised and battered
Clouds I saw no more
Smiles, I now abhor
Death constantly inviting
Its stench incurring
Sanity fooled around
And danced around
Bones became brittle
So as hopes dwindle
Is there to look forward to
Aftermath, better adieu
Lessons learned
Earned and badly burned
Funny how, I still exist
All of those, as it is
Determined, focused
Though entirety abused
Willed to be an example
In overturning life’s hurdles
Touching lives what I intend
The purpose that God sent
Draw out those facets
Be it bold to the tiniest
Free or not
As long as it demands be taught
More of one’s attention
Defiance, seldom
Brain exercise?
Absolutely, it makes me wise
Just let me, your wheelchaired man
Make you, move you and affect you
As I can

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