August 7, 2012


Waking up this morning in spite the luring cold weather, I was forced to write about the things I should be thankful of. God blessed me with life and 4 W’s. The will, want, wisdom and the wheel chair.

The first two are almost the same but not to someone like me. I can want but the manifestation is nothing if I lack the will. And what can will possibly do alone if not wanting?

Wisdom makes me alive. Mediocre type it may be, it keeps me conscious and sane at times. The right amount of wisdom keeps me in touch with everybody and pushes the right keys in me in order to keep me grounded on earth as well as with myself.

The wheelchair is considered as my foot that helps me go through the demanding tasks of a stroked life. My friend and my partner. I draw strength just looking at it. An added inspiration to those small things that I should be thankful for.

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