August 7, 2012


The above interrogative sentence would easily illicit a number of unquantifiable responses, that even a child could muster.  In this rapid way of living, a single day without having to experience it is an incomplete day to almost all of us.  And with our matured and ever developing technology, it has become a standard way of living.

Long queuing, endlessly waiting on phone connection, traveling gruesome hours or simply marketing products or services for business - are some, if not all, our worries that the internet have resolved since its popular growth in the 1990s.  To date, 1.133 billion people are using the internet and has fast becoming a basic feature of global civilization.

Much so is tremendous impact that internet and the birth of User Interface (UI) have manifested.  They are now tremendously merged and have become a necessary feature in mobile phones.  Mobile Phones have developed a variety of process in creating simple to complicated UIs in internet service.  Mobile company experts are now faced with the burden of complexity and technology traffic when it comes to their mobile internet features as they strive to, at least, simplify their UIs and revert to being more user-friendly.

As the menus and options to mobile internet have become increasingly complex and hard to comprehend, large companies of handsets continuously aim for their products’ usability by introducing extra phone features such as mobile TV service, dual or large screen size, increased resolution and more.  But the main aim and target is the narrowing these internet UIs by developing easy access to the internet and internet content.  News, sports stories or video clips are accessed by making a single push of the button on the mobile handset.

While the mobile phone today can easily give us instant access to the internet wirelessly, handset specialists and technology experts admit the fact that it cannot displace the power and usability that only a PC can offer.  Mobile phone users can only consume and capture content, e.g., using their cameras functionality or the Bluetooth technology.  It is, according to experts, still the PC that will remain the dominant platform for performing complex tasks such as searching and managing content.

It is mainly agreeable that what the internet and the mobile phones are trying to convey is comfort and simplicity in everything.  As most of us have the notion that through these “global” breakthroughs that almost everything is possible at our fingertips: entertainment, research and information, various relevant contents, may be left asking what else can it possibly not do?

In the business world, the emergence of the ever increasingly developing globalize trade, increase in foreign investment and cross-border and/or cross- country transactions have placed many small business under the predicament in finding ways to continue to market their products and services.  This occurrence especially is difficult given that these small businesses often operate on tight marketing budgets.

Drawn to the continuous conventional marketing strategies such as print (newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc.), radio and television, small businesses do not realize does not realize and in unaware of the advantages that the internet has to offer.  They are oftentimes misled in the notion that promoting or marketing their goods and services through the internet is very costly and that advertising through the conventional way is much cheaper.  In the end, they suffer by realizing that it’s the other way around.

But as the battle to reduce the marketing cost is up and the trend of business activities have dramatically shifted from the “tried-and-tested” to the convenient, innovative and cost-efficient age, these small business are reaping the benefits and advantages of internet marketing.  In adopting such strategy, it has proven that it can generate a high return of investment.

The result of having to enjoy internet marketing, obviously transforms the internet to be the most powerful selling tool.  This is because users or buyers, considers the internet to be the information superhighway for them as getting the most out of the service gives them a more hassle-free transactions.

This also would again, benefit even the small businesses who cannot afford the costly conventional way.  By marketing or advertising in the internet, saved costs could further be utilized for other business aspects such as product enhancements or increase in distribution.  This would also create and penetrate more market as with what the internet promises to investors and businessmen, a “global” way of marketing.

With the unlimited and growing features, enhancements through attachments are born.  The internet and the mobile industry has been working wonders as millions of opportunities (employment, business and technology advancement) are instantly created and opened.  Users are forced to intricate choices that the competition presents.  For example, a user has to face a barrage of features and brands simply just to enhance the speed of either a PC or a mobile phone.  Surprisingly, users are never bothered with this predicament as long as the functions and features are aimlessly geared in making lives easy and simple.  With this economic emergence, users are benefited since they purchase and enjoy better products and services in less cost.

It is quite interesting to note that the simplicity and comfort as the time and money being well spent and utilized are the reasons why the internet and mobile phones click and has been more of a necessity than a luxury.  


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