August 6, 2012

conflicting LABELS

Honestly speaking, this is not meant shed light on a resoled matter but to explore ‘’labels’’ in the possibility of being under a friction or under pressure. A pressure that amounts in really going deeper into the present status of a relationship.

We can’t deny our own wants and needs. It is sometimes through them that conflicts arise. Whether labelled or not, taking the initiative to understand yourself and the other opens up a wider chance of knowing each other.

Labels would just limit both of you. It limits the response, the reaction and respect when jailed to its culturally-pressurizing call.

What’s wrong is it disables your heat to give what is necessary. To love and accept wharever it is that comes your way. Remember that the rain will soon stop.


1 comment:

  1. it did stop (the rain). and we made beautiful music again. thanks. T3