August 6, 2012


Opening and being in a relationship is almost a breeze for us but breaking it up because of some confounding reasons of both mind and of heart, leaves us all weakened. An intensified and exaggerated scenario sometimes causes lives. Lives that are too wrecked, stressed and confused how to deal with this predicament. But how does one cope up after that dreadful breakup? The following are some ideas that could ease your burden.

Learning to accept the reality and your current situation is a big first step in trying to triumph over it. Carefully analyzing what were the factors that ruined your relationship brings you more to realization the loopholes where you need to give emphasis on in case another relationship arises.

Give yourself time. The chance to be in a solitary mode as much as you want releases the pain and enables you to see more explicitly what life has to offer. Open new channel of friendships and endeavours. Try anything new that could broaden your memory of the one broke your heart.

The breakup is a part of the past and neither each of us wants to reminisce it so bury those memories six feet below and avoid digging those again because the feeling of remorse will haunt you again. Reminders of it must be forgotten. Hard as it may seem for it includes common friends, events, places, circumstances that you once shared. Letting them drift away invokes comfort and peace of mind.

After giving yourself the needed time to heal and mend your impaired heart, maybe it’s that opportune moment to consider seeking for a new relationship. Opening your heart again will gauge you in handling a promising relationship. It allows you to modify or even ignore a factor in your relationship giving more leeway to a ‘give-and-take’ type. New relationship with a whole different expectation entirely frees your mind of the past recurring again. It further shows your adaptability, liberty and strength under emotional pressure.

More importantly, never give up by seeking guidance and enlightenment from God. Having a clear frame of mind knowing that God lets you battle the difficulties of coping up further enhances the needed spiritual foundation of openness and seeing a clear vision of problem at hand. Having God looking over your shoulders is the best weapon to combat those worries in life. Seeking the right path delivers you from self-destruction.

Just look at your demise into something positive. Everything happens for a purpose. Breakups happen. And it is through these events that we learn. Confronted by no one else but ourselves, we realize our weaknesses. Unless we do a dramatic change in our flaws, I reckon that breakups would just pile up your door and coping or overcoming it will just leave your heart overused and over exposed.

It is a gradual process. What’s in your mind should positively shout is change. After a breakup, try to change. Change not for others but for yourself. It may sound selfish but considered a coping mechanism that is very helpful. A total overhaul of your personality coupled with a sweet smile and a renewed perspective totals good results in the future.


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